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"Jessewave" M/M Site Closes Shop for Good in January

“Jessewave” M/M Site Closes Shop for Good in January

Although I’ve never been really active as a participant at Jessewave, I have followed some of their posts over the years and I was once a collaborator in a post about condoms and gay fiction about four years ago. I always thought it was an interesting site…and I mean interesting in a variety of ways…and I’m both surprised and sorry to see them close. There was a lot of energy in the “voice.” And in some ways, I wonder if it might not be the beginning of the end for an era in LGBT books.

There’s a lot in the post to which I’m linking and I don’t want to give any wrong impressions. And Jessewave, like most good blogs, has not been without controversy. So I’ll quote the most pragmatic, and impressive, statement I read there:

The numbers are staggering and it’s all due to you. I still can’t believe our incredible good fortune to have found each other and how many of you log on every day to check out what’s new. You guys rock!! Our stats indicate that to date there have been 361 million hits, 59 million posts accessed, and 6.140 million visitors from 200 countries, with the bulk of visitors from the US, Britain, Canada and Germany. However you may be surprised to learn that we have visitors from Qatar, Togo, Vatican City, Bahrain, Uganda, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Congo, Djibouti, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Yemen and Rwanda – to mention just a few countries that are not known for being gay friendly.

As far as I can tell, Jessewave will be keeping the content up that’s been pubbed since 2008, but they won’t be posting anything new after January 2, 2014. I’ve been a fan of many of their posts, and many of the authors who contributed to their blog, and I’ve also not been a huge fan of other authors/reviewers who were so opinionated I would often cringe at what I was reading about gay culture. But, oddly, that’s also what I liked the most about Jessewave whenever I went there. It’s not easy to find that kind of balance.