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Hurricane Sandy: Prince Harry in New Jersey Today

It seems like ages ago I posted about Hurricane Sandy and all the devastation it caused here, and I thought it would be nice to follow up with this piece about Prince Harry visiting the New Jersey shore today and checking out how people there have rebuilt their lives since last October. We’re still cleaning up here, in New Hope, Bucks County, which is about fifty miles from the shore, from the high winds that took down so many huge trees.

“He is so cute. He came in with that white shirt and red hair, and he just exceeded all my expectations,” said Brianna Marchal, 19, of Manahawkin, during his second stop. “The crowd literally grew three inches when he came by because everyone was on their tip toes, trying to get a picture. We had four devices going at the same time, trying to get pictures of him.”

He seems to capture the emotions in people few other royals are capable of doing, in a way that reminds me of Princess Diana. And I think he would still capture those same emotions even if he wasn’t a prince.

But most of all he made them feel good. These people were devastated and they are still working to rebuild their lives.

“We appreciate Harry showing care and support during such a difficult time for our family and community,” said her aunt, Becky Guenther.

You can read more here.

Just Some More Devastation at the Jersey Shore; How Not to Promote Books

I’m told this photo was taken by someone who is working hard at relief and rescue at the New Jersey Shore this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

And this is just one of many I’ve received from people.

I’d also like to add this. One thing that’s been particularly hard this entire week has been watching self-absorbed writers promote and market their books without even acknowledging what’s been happening here in this part of the US. I’m thrilled you have your 16th five star Amazon review, Betty Jane author who writes about gay men. Now I can sleep tonight. I’m thrilled you have so many photos of hot gay men to share with everyone while you promote your books in the aftermath of one of the worst storms ever to hit the eastern seaboard.

But I’ve been reading FB updates about friends…personal friends I know, not cyber friends I may or may not ever meet…and all the devastation they’ve been dealing with. So forgive me if I’m just not excited for you and I unsubscribe from your news feed. Because sometimes you just have to be smart enough to know when to tone it down a little.