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New Beginnings: The Jersey Boy Story…Tim Tebow Cancels Speach at Anti-Gay Church

Before I get into the main part of this post, I wanted to mention that Tim Tebow canceled the speech he was supposed to be giving at an anti-gay church in Texas. I posted about it before, here, and this is from SportingNews.

Tim Tebow is calling an audible and canceling his appearance at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, home of controversial reverend Robert Jeffress.

Tebow’s decision to speak at the megachurch in Jeffress’ presence was questioned by many, most notably CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel, because of the reverend’s history of anti-Muslin, anti-Jewish, anti-Mormon and anti-gay platforms.

Of course when Tebow announces he’s going to give a speech at an anti-gay church it’s plastered all over the Internet in bold headlines. When he cancels the speech, it’s posted way in the back where no one can see it. Interesting how the press plays the gay card as often as they play the race card.

New Beginnings; New Publisher; New Book Coming Out Soon

One of the reasons I haven’t indie published anything this year…so far…is because I signed with a new publisher to write a full length novel about gay vampires who live in New Jersey and work in organized crime. I know that sounds a little Soprano-ish, however, the focus on this book was on the younger generation of vampires, not the older ones.

I wanted to ad a touch of new adult along with paranormal, and of course erotica. Even though the main characters are gay vamps and they are over 100 years old, they still look and act like any other new adult out there. And, I was born in Newark, NJ, raised in NJ, spent my summers in Lake Hopatcong, NJ, and went to Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison Campus, in NJ. So I think that qualifies me to write about New Jersey, and a good deal of what I wrote it based on things I saw and experienced myself.

In my book the characters face a lot of the same things human new adults face as well. One of which is figuring out what to do as a career choice, and in their case it’s going into the “family” business of organized crime. I can’t post any details at this point because a lot of the details are still up in the air. For example, I might use a pen name this time because it’s a different genre. But if I do, I will not keep that pen name a secret and I will disclose it. The only reason I would use one would be for search engines, and to keep this book away from my other books that are not paranormal. But as I said, no decision has been made on that yet.

The publisher is also someone new, and I’ll post more about them when I have more details. I hate to post anything until everything is set in writing. The only reason I posted these comments is because the book has been submitted and it’s ready to go.

Here’s a short excerpt and book description. Right now it’s tentatively titled: The Jersey Boys

When organized crime meets the underworld of the living dead, it creates endless possibilities for intrigue and passion. Combine that with a traditional old vampire clan from Sicily trying to mainstream with humans in northern New Jersey as business people, and it winds up becoming an adventure into darkness of epic proportions.

Anton Pagano is from an old Sicilian vampire clan that migrated to New Jersey in the late 1800’s. He lives in a mansion in northern New Jersey with his mom and dad, and he’s never had to worry about anything other than his wardrobe, his latest new car, and the secret love affair he’s been having for years with another vampire in his clan. At a glance, he looks and sounds just like anyone else between the ages of twenty-one and thirty years old.

But when Anton’s dad, the head of their clan, decides it’s time for Anton and his vampire cousin, Digger, to get into the family business, Anton’s not all the excited about it. Until he meets a sweet young human man named Leo on his first night at work. They wind up spending the rest of the night together, and then things get even more complicated when they bring Anton’s secret vampire lover into the picture a few weeks later.

After a bloody battle with werewolves, and the beginning of what Anton predicts will be an all-out war between two vampire clans in New Jersey, Anton and his secret vampire lover decide it’s time to consider turning Leo into a vampire so all three of them can be together for eternity. But thanks to fate, nothing is as simple as it looks, and they wind up doing the one thing they ever wanted to do to Leo as a last resort.

            On the way down to the parking lot, they punched each other and joked around in the elevator. If anyone had seen them they would have thought they were a couple of college kids without a care in the world. When they reached the parking lot, Digger pulled a set of keys from his pocket and held them up high. He jiggled them and said, “Let’s take my car.”

       This was news to Anton. “When did you get a car?” Uncle Sonny had taken away his last car because he’d been caught driving ninety miles an hour on the wrong side of the Garden State Parkway.  

      “My dad got it for me,” Digger said. “It’s a brand new Cadillac CTS.”

            Anton glared and said, “Then what the fuck am I doing here? Why didn’t you just pick me up?”

        Digger looked up at him with a seductive sideways glance and smiled. “I thought we’d have some fun when you got here. I didn’t know you’d be all serious. You’re the only reason I’m living here, so there’s a place for us to go. I hate this fucking place.”

            He couldn’t get mad at him no matter how hard he tried. Digger could make most people crazy to the point of distraction. He was prone to nasty one-liners that put people in their places, he would insult anyone without thinking twice, and he would bounce and move so fast sometimes it looked as though his battery had been overcharged.
        But even the worst things he did made Anton smile. So he put his hand on Digger’s back, shoved him forward, and said, “After work I’ll come back here. I’ll call them and tell them I’m bunking with you because I’m tired.” This wasn’t unusual. And his mom and dad would never even think they were having sex together. They’d shared the same coffin many times over the years and no one gave it a second thought, not even Dino and that little bastard could sniff out trouble for miles away.