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Gay Men, Women, Bad Boys; Jeremy Meeks Nude Full Frontal Photo; Jeremy Meeks Funding

Gay Men, Women, Bad Boys

There has been a photo floating around the Interwebz this week of an attractive young guy with classic bad boy looks. In gay culture he would be considered “rough trade.” His name is Jeremy Meeks and he’s a 30 year old convicted felon who has garnered comments on Facebook that have created some interesting conversations about why women and gay men are often attracted to this type of guy, and why they shouldn’t be attracted. The comments on the facebook photo seem to cover everything. As of right now, there are over 25,000 comments and over 93,000 likes.

The article to which I’m linking talks about why women are allegedly attracted to this type of guy. I included gay men because I have seen guys like Jeremy Meeks enter a gay bar and the world seems to stop moving. Think of the film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” and you’ll get my point. If that nice gay antiques dealer in Savannah hadn’t been messing around with rough trade he never would have gotten into trouble in the first place.

But he just couldn’t help himself.

 “This is a really great example of an evolutionary lag — how women still find things attractive that don’t necessarily translate well into the modern world,” Vinita Mehta, a Washington, D.C.–based psychotherapist, tells Yahoo Shine. Because while being muscular and tough enough to thrive in dangerous situations might have been necessary for human survival back in caveman times, “these are not the things that help us survive and reproduce today,” notes Mehta, who is writing a book titled “Paleo Love” about how Stone Age genes can complicate modern relationships.

The article goes on to mention studies done that blame ovulation and hormones. It’s not a bad piece, but it leaves a lot to be desired because it speaks in generalities and I don’t think that’s fair…not to women anyway. What’s the excuse for gay men? They aren’t ovulating. I’m also sure there are plenty of women and gay men who CAN resist Jeremy Meeks (Me) and they do take into the consideration the fact that he’s allegedly considered one of the most “violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

You can read more here. Even if you don’t totally agree with the article there are some interesting points made.

Jeremy Meeks Nude Full Frontal Photo

Speaking of Jeremy Meeks, I would be highly remiss if I didn’t link to this web site that posted what is allegedly a nude full frontal photo of Meeks. It’s only a shot of a penis, without a face.

You can check out the photo here. (It’s one of those web pages with a lot of issues, so if you can live without seeing a huge perfect penis you might want to pass on this one. There are plenty of others on the web, bigger and better.)

The photo was allegedly “leaked.” Ha!

Jeremy Meeks Crowdfunding

I didn’t plan this entire post to be all things Jeremy Meeks. But when I saw that there’s actually a crowdfunding project set up to help Meeks on gofundme I couldn’t NOT post about it. And that’s mainly because I’ve seen so many ridiculous crowdfunding projects set up in the past few months for so many frivolous causes that don’t even make sense to me I didn’t think it could get any worse.

But it did.

There is a GoFundMe site that has been created for Jeremy to help him raise his $900,000 bail money. Did the old guy get a GoFundMe account too? I doubt it. What about the family of Officer Hewell?

You can read more about that here.

This is a link to Jeremy Meeks’ crowdfunding page. The goal is to raise $25,000 for this convicted felon. They have raised over $3,800 at the time of this posting. Some think I shouldn’t post links like this because it helps promote the cause. I think if you’re dumb enough to give your money to something like this you deserve what you get.

I can’t even begin to think what someone will be crowdfunding next, or how many people will be so willing to part with their hard earned money. Who needs a new car? Who needs a new house? How about a trip to Europe for Ryan and Tony?

Where does it all end?

Crowdfunding is slowly getting way out of hand and I predict there are going to be more federal restrictions on the entire concept in the future. I guess the right person has to be scammed hard enough and that hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s an interview with Meeks on youtube.

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