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Big Jeff Schroeder – A Graceful Exit?

If you don’t follow the game, Big Brother, you won’t care about this post. But I’ve been following the game since the first season and the one thing I’ve always admired is the way all the contestants lose with grace and dignity. They work hard to stay in the house. They fight for the grand prize, a half million dollars. And when they get evicted you can almost feel their pain. But they all know it’s only a game. And when it’s time to leave, they leave with smiles.

But this time, when Big Jeff Schroeder was evicted, grace under pressure clearly wasn’t something that concerned him. And for those who don’t know, if you watch this video, his eviction was more than valid. It had reached a point where Big Jeff thought he was king of the house (maybe the world), and a few smart players who’d been considered underdogs in the house weren’t going to let him get away with it. They were tired of being intimidated by him. And they were not going to hand him a half million dollar check for being a bully. So they outsmarted him, which didn’t take much, and got him out just in time.

In case you didn’t hear Big-Jeff-the-football-player’s homophobic rants about how wrong it would be to have positive gay characters in kid’s books, here’s a link to a previous post I wrote, where he’s trashing this very topic. And it wasn’t the first time he did this either. The only thing I can’t understand is why any network in Hollywood would have him back a second time. If he’d ranted about race this way, he’d have gone into oblivion. But it doesn’t seem to matter when he rants about gays.

Interesting. But none of that matters, because Karma got good old Big Jeffie this time in spite of the network’s bad decision. Karma, and a few smart women players did him in.