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Leno’s Bestiality Jokes; Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Defends Him

Leno’s Bestiality Jokes

It seems online retail web sites where e-books are sold aren’t the only ones in a huff over bestiality. A particularly litigious flight attendant who claims that false accusations alleging she transports her pet rats in her panties is now suing Leno for jokes he and other comedians made about it. Evidently, she’s claiming the jokes were sickening and disgusting.

A copy of the suit, obtained by Courthouse News, takes specific issue with humorous statements made on Leno’s show that accuse her of “engaging in bestiality and sexual misconduct with a rat.”
The jokes, made by three comedians who appeared as guests on the show, are as follows:

According to this article, the flight attendant claims the jokes have ruined her sex life. You can read more here.

Be interesting to see how this turns out. I know it’s funny at a glance, but I don’t think I’d want someone suggesting I was having sex with rats, in front of millions of people. Leno has such a huge following that it’s been said he can change someone’s life and career overnight. And that works in many different ways.

Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Defends Him

This is less compelling because it’s exactly what you would expect someone’s son or daughter to do in a situation like this. It’s not as if Ireland Baldwin is going to tweet the exact opposite.

For someone who has battled with anger management issues, my dad has grown tremendously. My dad is far from a homophobe or a racist. From what you’ve read and from what media has been shoved down your throats, he has a kind heart. Having paparazzi following my mom and I has not been thrilling. Paparazzi can bring out many confined feelings of anger and spite out of anyone,” she wrote.

This is really the first time I’ve ever seen someone with a kind heart shout any pejoratives in public at anyone. People with kind hearts usually know it’s much smarter to move on, especially those who are as privileged as Alec Baldwin. Kind- hearted people speak rationally and don’t make threats that may or may not include gay slurs…or slurs against any minority. Kind-hearted people don’t let these things get to them, especially if they know what to expect from past experience with the paparazzi. And even if you’re going to go after the paparazzi I think it’s okay to tell them to go fuck themselves without calling them fags. No one would mind. When you have the kind of privilege Baldwin has there are certain things that come with the territory. And if you don’t like it you can always back away. It’s not that hard to disappear from the public eye these days.

But I guess kind-hearted Alex Baldwin should get a pass on this. Because he’s so kind-hearted, you know.