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Jane Litte/DearAuthor Writes NA Romances; How Liz Taylor Would Be Shocked Now; Sean Cody Pornster Arrested

Jane Litte/DearAuthor Writes NA Romances

I normally wouldn’t post about this because it’s not pop culture or LGBT related…or even related to good looking men. However, I find it interesting to book publishing in general.

Jane Litte who started the DearAuthor reader oriented romance book review site recently posted a letter to her readership announcing that she’s been writing NA romance novels with a pen name for quite some time now. Allegedly, no one knew this…or that winter in Russia is cold. 

In part:

So I went ahead and created a penname, Jen Frederick, and published Undeclared with no expectations about what would happen. And, much to my surprise, it sold well. So I wrote another one. And another. And began to learn about the publishing industry from an entirely different perspective.

You can read the rest here. It’s kind of like discovering Martha Stewart has really been the owner of McDonald’s all these years.  

No further comment.

How Liz Taylor Would Be Shocked Now

Actually, the article I’m linking to claims Liz Taylor would be “horrified” if she were alive today and she saw the number of young gay men with HIV. This comment was made by Taylor’s granddaughter in a recent interview and it’s all posthumous conjecture.

Naomi deLuce Wilding, 40, tells The Telegraph that “a real complacency” regarding HIV/AIDS in the gay community had already set in before her legendary grandmother’s death at the age of 79 in 2011. 

“Even before she died, when my grandmother was pretty ill, she was horrified to see that,” Wilding said. “Sadly I don’t think she had the strength to say what she really felt at that point.” 

You can read the rest here. 

I have nothing but respect for Taylor and for what she did during the time she did it. When no one was speaking up about AIDS, she was right there waving her arms. But I don’t like to slam people with HIV now, because living with HIV is now considered living with a chronic illness, not a death sentence. And I don’t like to attach a shame/blame stigma to anyone with HIV. Everyone has a different circumstance. I would, however, like to see more awareness so that young gay men know exactly what it’s like to live with HIV. It’s not just a matter of taking ARV drugs. And I just don’t see this awareness anywhere. At least not in the mainstream where most people get their information.

Sean Cody Pornster Arrested

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’ve never once slammed anyone in the adult entrainment industry. But even I have to admit that sometimes these adult entertainers leave me wondering.

In this case a guy I’m not familiar with, Jarec Wentworth, was allegedly arrested for felony extortion by the FBI. He allegedly threatened to make a wealthy victim’s sexual “liaisons” public if the victim didn’t pay up.  Jarec got quite a bit of money, until he got greedy.

Brank was put under surveillance after he successfully blackmailed the unnamed wealthy gentleman out of some $500,000 in cash and an Audi R8 valued at $180,000.

But after he (very greedily) demanded another million and a condo, the man went to the FBI for help. They set up a sting at a Los Angeles Starbucks, and on March 4th, arrested Brank. Inside Brank’s car at the time of arrest was a loaded .357 Magnum revolver with additional ammunition.

The rest is here, with a photo. 

This is something I find personally interesting because the next book in The Rainbow Detective series is focused on kidnapping and extortion. This one almost sounds as if it’s part of my plot. Except for one thing: my main character has diphallia…two dicks. I’ll post more about that soon.

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