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Matt Bomer New Film; James Franco Naked and Afraid; Public Grindr Connections

Matt Bomer New Film

I guess Matt Bomer got the last laugh when he didn’t get offered the part of Christian in the film adaptation of  Fifty Shades of Grey. Since all that happened his career continues to move forward in different directions that might suggest not getting the part on FSoG was the best thing that could have happened to him.

He’s now been cast in a new feature film, The Nice Guys, with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. Its release is set for summer 2016.

It casts Gosling plays a detective hired by a gangster played by Crowe to find a missing girl. A dangerous conspiracy is uncovered in the process which somehow involves Bomer’s character.

The busy Bomer is currently shooting the film Magic Mike XXL which is the sequel to the 2012 box office hit Magic Mike in which he also appeared.

In addition, Bomer was one of the stars of the recent limited release Space Station 76 and is attached to play Montgomery Clift in an upcoming feature film.

More here.

James Franco Naked and Afraid.

I warned everyone about this right after James Franco shaved his head for an upcoming film. I said he’d be back with something even more annoying and sure enough he’s now posing in the nude in some kind of a quasi parody of the reality show, Naked and Afraid. He’s posing nude with that other actor Hollywood type guy…can’t remember his name offhand.

I do, however, love the parody aspect.

Oh, and they’re both completely naked. Franco posted the pic to his Facebook page with a caption that reads “Boom boom, NAKED and Afraid.

 Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For reals.”

There’s more here, with a link to another article about Franco sniffing his genitals. Seriously.

The last line of the article said this:

Yeah, yeah…we get it Franco. You’re so secure and down with the gays, but enough is enough. Pony up and show us the goods already or put an end to the cockteasing.

The comments are even more entertaining.

In spite of what everyone says, I still loved his novel, Actors Anonymous.

Public Grindr Connections

I know nothing about Grindr except what I read, so take my posts about this with that proverbial grain of salt. Now there’s a guy in Berlin who is putting himself in a glass box in a public square where he’s going to spend 100% of his time trying to make non-sexual connections with men on Grindr.

Why bother? I thought Grindr was a hook up site.

According to the interview, Verhoeven will live inside a glass container for 15 days with five smartphones, only making connection with the outside world via Grindr. The conversations he has will be projected on a large black screen for all to see, though the men on Grindr will have their faces blurred for privacy.

The article goes on to mention a few more reasons why, but my main thought here is that he’ll be showing all these personal conversations live, in public. Although their faces will be blurred, will they know they’re being evaluated in public during these intimate, private conversations?

Chris in the comments said this:

 “trying to make nonsexual connections on Grindr” is like trying to eat vegan at a steak house. It MIGHT be possible; but why?

Thank you, Chris.

You can read more here.  Stay tuned for more Grindr updates, too.

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