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James Franco Nude Selfie; Dustin Lance Black Is Back; Sam Champion and Josh Elliot On TV

James Franco Nude Selfie

This is one of those things that bothers me about some celebrities. They don’t know when to stop. Publicity hungry James Franco will sneer at publications like TMZ and bloggers and yet he’ll post an almost nude selfie, with his cheap drawers down below his waist and one hand over his dick, in a bathroom mirror. And then he’ll change his mind, take the photo down after enough people have screen shots, and he’ll complain that his privacy was violated the next time he’s flinging the bullshit on Charlie Rose while Charlie Rose drools over him.

But on the other hand, I think I’m being too hard on Franco right now. I did love Franco’s novel and I’ve never seen a film of his I didn’t like. I find it amusing to watch him work his fans on social media from a PR POV. And Franco’s fans seem to adore this naughty behavior from him and they can’t get enough of it. Franco seems to know this, and seems to know exactly what he’s doing at all times.

The actor/director/scholar/artist/writer is practically crying out for you to notice him with his latest Instagram selfie. The nearly nude photo features the 36-year-old pouting, as he covers his genitals with one hand. Franco clearly learned from Rihanna’s snafu with the folks at Instagram the other day, otherwise we can’t help but think he probably would have given the full monty (FYI James, Twitter isn’t going to censor you if want to up the ante).

You can read more here and view the photo.

What I find most interesting about all this is that Franco’s body isn’t that bad for a 36 year old, especially without the right lighting and camera angles. I wouldn’t have thrown him out of bed when I was single. But so many on the comment thread with this article seem to think his body isn’t what it should be…or they’re expecting more. It’s a good example of how well trained we’ve all been to expect a certain perfect body image in men. It’s as if we can’t appreciate the hot body of a real man anymore.

Dustin Lance Black is Back

Speaking of unfortunate photo shoots, this one caught my interest because of the judgmental hints between the lines. Dustin Lance Black is a 39 year old Oscar winning screen writer who also dates 19 year old Tom Daley and he was recently re-invited to speak at the graduation ceremony of his alma mater, Pasadena City College.  He was originally scheduled to speak there until photos of him having unprotected sex five years ago surfaced and PCC decided to cancel his engagement because they are already going through a porn sex scandal unrelated to Black. It’s all very General Hospital.

Black has not responded yet as to whether or not he’ll accept the re-invitation.

Black, 39, fired back at school officials in an April 17 letter published in Out magazine, saying the photos in question depicted “what gay men do when they love and trust each other” and had been “surreptitiously lifted” from his ex-boyfriend’s computer without his knowledge.

“In the eyes of anyone who has seen the devastating effects this trespass has had on me personally, creatively and professionally over these many years, in the eyes of my mother and friends who have held me as I’ve cried, and under the blind scrutiny of the law of this land, I am the victim of this ‘scandal,’ not the perpetrator,” he wrote. “With this cruel act, PCC’s Administration is punishing the victim.”

You can read the rest here.

I personally think the most important comment is this: “what gay men do when they love and trust each other”

I think he’s a victim, too. We all are, to a certain extent.

Sam Champion and Josh Elliot On TV

The only reason this article caught my eye was because it mentions the Kentucky Derby and I have several good friends there right now. I’m not even sure who Sam Champion and Josh Elliot are, but the gay-straight bromance angle caught my eye, too.

On Friday (2 May), viewers of The Weather Channel’s flagship morning show AMHQ With Sam Champion got to see the pair together again on television for the first time since Champion left GMA last December.

Both are at The Kentucky Derby broadcasting for their current employers.

You can read more here. Unfortunately, I still not sure who is gay and who is straight or why I should even care about this. (Smile) I just figured someone might find it interesting.