Category: James Franco and Awards Season Meltdown; Major League Baseball Players Secretly Filmed Showering; How They Treat Gays In Haiti

James Franco and Awards Season Meltdown; Major League Baseball Players Secretly Filmed Showering; How They Treat Gays In Haiti

James Franco And Awards Season Meltdown

Once again, I don’t like to comment on things like this because I always believe people are innocent until proven guilty. And because it doesn’t seem to be working that way lately, I don’t feel comfortable adding an opinion to any story like this.

I’m only sharing facts from what I hope to be reputable sources. Oddly enough, I find that Variety and The Hollywood Reporter tend to be two of the few reputable sources out there.

This year’s awards season has been rocked, from the start, by a wide array of sexual misconduct allegations. Now, newly published accounts about Golden Globe winner James Franco threaten to upend his awards run.

Five women came forward to the Los Angeles Times in a report published Thursday, accusing Franco of sexual misconduct, much of it during his tenure as an acting professor at Studio 4, which he launched in association with Playhouse West in 2014.

Major League Baseball Players Secretly Filmed Showering

Here’s a creepy story.

A Major League Baseball agent has been accused of secretly filming players while they showered.
Jason Wood is an agent for CSE Talent. He has been suspended from his position pending an investigation into claims that he secretly filmed multiple clients while they showered at his home in St. Louis.
There’s more here. The thing that always amazes me is that the creeps who do these things never think they’re going to get caught. 
How They Treat Gays In Haiti
I believe the gay people in Haiti and other parts of the world need our support. It’s the least we can do for them. And I’m not going silent on this one, not now or any time soon, because whenever there’s a question about equal rights or diversity anywhere in the world it’s the gay people who get the attention last.
This is from the Washington Blade, which I believe to be a reputable source. This happened a while ago and there’s very little out there that’s current. 

The Haitian Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that would ban same-sex marriages and punish those who enter into them.

Le Nouvelliste, a Haitian newspaper, reported senators approved the measure that Sen. Carl Murat Cantave introduced by a 14-1 vote margin. La Nouvelliste also reported one senator abstained. 
You can check this out, here. It’s a good thing to be informed about what’s happening to gay people everywhere in the world. 
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