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James Deen Full Frontal Male Nudity; Brighton Pride Trouble

James Deen Full Frontal Male Nudity

The Canyons is an erotic suspense film starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, and there is a full frontal nude scene with Deen.

Here’s a quick blurb:

When Christian (Deen), an L.A. trust-fund kid with casual ties to Hollywood, learns of a secret affair between his girlfriend Tara (Lohan), a former actress, and the lead of his film project, he spirals out of control, and his cruel mind games escalate into an act of bloody violence

And it’s not just a quick full frontal nude scene. Here’s a clip where you can view it yourselves.

You have to turn off the adult filter, but that’s simple to do.

Here’s more about James Deen…he did a take on the old film star’s name, James Dean. This Deen is a well known porn star who makes no apologies for his past or what he does. Last July he made the first adult video with Google Glass that garnered millions of hits on youtube.

The Canyons was funded through kickstarter and the actors allegedly only made $100 a day. There’s a lot of other interesting information people who like this type of film can find at the link I posted above with the blurb.

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Brighton Pride Trouble

They seem to have the exact opposite problem at the LGBTI Brighton Pride festival that some of us here in the US have with our pride events. Evidently, a lot of non-gay people crashed the free pride event in Brighton which created a dangerously crowded atmosphere that included heavy drinking. Here in the US there are many non-gay businesspeople who participate in gay pride events by charging huge fees to anyone who attends gay pride. The rainbow flag goes up the day before pride day. And then after the pride event is over these crafty businesspeople pull in the rainbow flag so no one thinks they are a gay establishment. It’s an interesting take on US capitalism.

The UK’s Brighton Pride is planning to charge for its street party for the first time to stop a ‘rough’ free-for-all with out of control drinking.

The change has been forced on organizers of the LGBTI festival on the south coast of England, which is a highlight of the British summer.

And if the community doesn’t agree to the new plan, the whole festival could be shut down for safety reasons.

There’s more here.

I find it interesting that non-gay people will go to a pride event now. I know, it’s free. But I wonder if that would have happened twenty years ago…free or not. In a way, this huge turn-out is interesting.