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FREE Gay Books; Kim Davis and Good Old Pope Francis on Dark Pope Wednesday; Philly City Paper Shutters Print; James Dean’s Last Day

FREE Gay Books

This part of today’s post is basically a repeat of the first part of yesterday’s post, but I often fall short when it comes to these things and I’m trying to get better at it. I truly admire those people out there on social media who can constantly, relentlessly self-promote, with five or six selfies a day. I’m working on it.

This sale and these freebies run from now until October 8th. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency Box Set…It’s the first four books in the series in one digital box set…four books in one. There is a new one coming out this month and I’m working on another right now. This will be discounted to $4.99 from October 1 to the 8th for non KU members. It’s also FREE with Kindle Unlimited (KU).

Meadows Are Not Forever…This one is a full length gay romance novel that is free with Kindle Unlimited and will be FREE for everyone else from October 1 to the 8th.

Kim Davis and Good Old Pope Francis

I’m starting to think we’ll never hear the end of Kim Davis news. Thanks to good old Pope Francis, she’s back in the headlines because Pope Francis set up a secret meeting with her in Washington this past week to let her know how much he’s supporting her stand on homophobia, gay hate, inequality, and discrimination.

“He told me, before he left, he said ‘stay strong,’” Davis recounted to ABC News, “and that was a great encouragement just knowing that the Pope is on track with what we’re doing, and agreeing. It kind of validates everything.”

So far this announcement has caused outrage and a great deal of disappointment all over the world. I’m not too shocked about this. I expect if from the Pope. But watching the disappointment I see with other people absolutely guts me. Blogging is usually cathartic for me, however, this time I don’t feel any better about posting this news than I did when I first heard it.

We should name yesterday in gay culture and gay history as “Dark Pope Wednesday.”

You can read the rest here. 

James Dean’s Last Day

In college I took many extra electives in the film history department and several of the courses focused on James Dean. I’ve always been fascinated by him. Here’s something about retracing his last day on earth. 

Queerty’s managing editor Jeremy Kinser and filmmaker Heath Daniels met at a fancy-ish soiree in the hills above Hollywood three years ago and became instant pals when they realized they had a lot in common (some things that can’t be shared here), including a strong, nearly lifelong affinity for Dean. The two recently decided to recreate the actor’s final day as accurately as possible and took photos of all the major stops along the way.

You can check that out here, with photos.  I think the 1950’s and 60’s in Hollywood, in general, are interesting.

Kim Davis Musical Parody

La Strega Entertainment recently released a musical parody of Kim Davis. It’s both poignant and funny because it mainly points out extremism in the worse degree. And how carried away some people can get. Even though it’s meant to be funny, which it is, there’s also a certain amount of sadness, too.

Rena Strober stars as Davis in “The Modern Fundamentalist,” a three-minute music video, informed by a certain Gilbert and Sullivan standard, about the thrive-divorced antigay county clerk who has been dominating national headlines for the past month and counting.

“I am the very model of a modern fundamentalist,” Strober croons in a thick hillbilly accent. “I’m not merely judgmental, I’m the absolute judgmentalest!”

You can watch the video here.  

Philly City Paper Shutters Print

Here’s something for those of you who think print is going to stick around. Philadelphia City Paper just announced it will be shutting down print operations.

City Paper, Philadelphia’s feisty alternative weekly newspaper, will cease its print publication as of Oct. 8.

News of the prize-winning paper’s demise came as a surprise this afternoon to the publication’s editors and staff writers.

“Our Web traffic has been steadily increasing and we’ve been doing good work,” said City Paper senior staff writer Emily Guendelsberger.  “But I didn’t see this coming at all.”

The rest is here.  That’s how it happens…overnight.

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