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Was James Dean Gay, and the Film "Life"…More On James Dean Being Gay; New Orleans Swamp Tour With Studs

Was James Dean Gay, and the Film “Life”

This past Saturday Night I happened to watch the movie, “Life,” on NetFlix by accident. You know how that works. The people they hire to write the blurbs for NetFlix don’t even seem to know the most basics about the movie. In any event, the film focused on a small part of James Dean’s life where he met and interacted with the famous photographer, Dennis Stock.

It was a great movie, with a great cast, and I’d recommend it to anyone. However, there was one thing that made me wonder. Was James Dean Gay after all? The relationship between Dean and Stock seemed to be just one step shy of a brief love story. And even if I misread it, and even if I might have been looking for more than there really was, if it had been a gay love story it would have worked.

And I’m not the only one who wondered about this. I found this article online after I did a simple search about James Dean and the movie.

 Robert Pattinson’s new movie about the relationship between ’50s film icon James Dean and celebrity photographer Dennis Stock would be remiss if it didn’t explore Dean’s homosexuality. But so far no word on whether that topic will be included.

Dean personally kept his sexuality clouded during his short Hollywood career. He even had a high profile romance with actress Pier Angeli.
But privately, especially before he became famous, Dean was linked to affairs with a number of men, including the actorsMarlon Brando and Clifton Webb as well as advertising executive and producerRodgers Brackett.

You can read the rest here. As the article states, Dean never admitted being homosexual (and I use that term because the word gay was not around back then). But there appears to be plenty of evidence to suggest otherwise. And that’s not such a huge surprise, especially given the number of high profile gay people still in the closet today in Hollywood.

Side note: If you haven’t seen the documentary about Tab Hunter, and how closeted he was in the 1950s, you should check that out, too, on NetFlix. Hunter is still alive today and he’s still a class act.

More On James Dean Being Gay

Here’s an article from a web site called Homo History. I found it through a simple search, I know nothing about it, and I’m only linking to them and I’m not drawing any conclusions of my own. But the article does say this…

 There are conflicting reports about Dean’s sexuality; there are a few who try to deny that he had any sexual affairs with men, there are those who say that he was bisexual and some who say that he was exclusively gay (those include “Rebel without a Cause” director Nicholas Ray and screenwriter Gavin Lambert.)

You can read the rest here. It gives a few accounts of alleged James Dean gay stories. Unfortunately, we’ll never really know the whole truth. And I know there are those who say it shouldn’t matter. The worst comment I hear all the time is that it shouldn’t always be about sex. Well, it should matter. There shouldn’t be any shame at all in being openly gay, not even for James Dean. But more than that, being gay is NOT about sex.

New Orleans Swamp Tour With Studs

Here’s something you don’t get a chance to do every day of the week.

In the final episode of Out in GayCities season four, Max Emerson and Kyle Krieger go on a guided tour of the Honey Island Swamp and learn about the ecology, wildlife, history and culture of New Orleans’ backyard. Watch as the duo kayak through the backwaters of New Orleans and enjoy the refreshingly cool waters–and get waylaid by some unexpected encounters.

You can read more and check out the video here.

Valley of the Dudes


Too Many "Twinks" In Stonewall? "Queerest" Summer In Amsterdam; James Dean Before His Fame:LIFE

Too Many Twinks In Stonewall?

As if the whitewashing controversy surrounding the film, Stonewall, isn’t enough, now there’s a former child celebrity who thinks Roland Emmerich put too many twinks in the film. The most interesting thing about all this controversy is that so far, from what I’ve read, no one has actually seen the film in its entirety. 

Mara Wilson, of ’90s children’s required viewing Mrs. Doubtfire and Matilda fame, fired off a series of tweets accusing Emmerich of personally twinkifying Stonewall because of his own proclivity towards young, white, fit gay men.

I wouldn’t even have known who she is if they hadn’t mentioned the above films she was in back in the 90’s.

You can read more here, with many excellent comments. Here’s one:

Reading Mara’s tweets I can’t help but notice a pronounced bigoted homophobia on her part that is disturbing. It seems her self absorbed heterosexual privilege is rearing it’s ugly head here and it’s not pretty. When we want a white straight girls opinion about how we are portrayed on film we’ll let you know Mara. Until then, zip it.

In all fairness to Wilson, she does mention that she didn’t feel right commenting because she’s coming from a place of privilege. Evidently, many in the comment thread didn’t bother to read that part.

“Queerest” Summer In Amsterdam

I usually hate anything with the word “queer” in it, however, I know I’m in the minority with this one and I’ve conceded more times than I can count. So this link is more about fun than social or political commentary. I don’t want to be one of those tight-ass writers without a sense of humor. And I LOVE the milkshake festival and post about it every year. It’s another one of those things my my proverbial bucket list.

It was raining when I got to the entrance of the Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam. I’d only arrived to the city a few hours earlier, on an early morning flight. As I was checking into my hotel the weather seemed perfectly fine, which is why when I left the hotel just before noon, I walked out in short shorts and a tank top. Only to find the sunny weather I was anticipating had turned to a sudden downpour. But as I walked up to the festival entrance (thankfully: under a poncho handed to me by a drag queen on the sidewalk outside Westerpark), I didn’t care.

You can check out more here, with photos of some interesting people wearing unusual outfits, several of whom it’s worth noting that don’t eat much salad.

James Dean Before His Fame: LIFE

There’s a new film about James Dean titled, Life. It’s about the relationship Dean had with a photographer, Dennis Stock. This is one I don’t know much about, but it’s interesting how back in those days no one thought anything of shooting a photo of someone famous with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

In fact, it’s sexy…or at least was considered sexy (or cool) back then. These days something like that seems to be so taboo just the slight mention of smoking puts anyone famous on the defensive. Can you imagine someone like George Clooney, who has worked so hard and long to brand himself so carefully, being photographed with a cigarette? Or for that matter, the President of the United States? I can’t. I wouldn’t be photographed with a cigarette myself and I don’t even have anything against people who smoke. I think it’s a personal choice and a personal decision. Not my business to interfere. Most of the world doesn’t agree with me and they’ll tell you their opinions without hesitating.

In any event…

The latest is Anton Corbijn, the gifted filmmaker who made the gorgeous Ian Curtis bio Control in 2007, who has directed Life, which depicts Dean’s relationship with photographer Dennis Stock. Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson stars as Stock who followed the not-yet-famous Dean around New York City and to his hometown Fairmount, Indiana and captured him in a series of evocative, iconic photos that are still framed and hanging on bedroom walls across the globe. The film hits theaters September 25, less than a week before the 60th anniversary of Dean’s tragic demise behind the wheel of his Porsche.

You can read more here. I’ll be seeing this one.

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