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Mike Huckabee’s Gay Friend; James Blunt Anti-Gay Joke; Gays In Locker Rooms

Mike Huckabee’s Gay Friends

If this article is accurate, it’s so filled with passive aggressive racism I’m not sure where to begin. Do I start with the gay friends Mike Huckabee allegedly has, or the Jewish and Muslim people? And to be honest, I really don’t think in Huckabee’s own limited scope he thought he was doing or saying anything wrong.

‘I don’t drink alcohol, but gosh — a lot of my friends, maybe most of them, do. You know, I don’t use profanity, but believe me, I’ve got a lot of friends who do. Some people really like classical music and ballet and opera — it’s not my cup of tea,’ the Republican said.

The condescension continues with this:

‘It’s like asking someone who’s Jewish to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli,’ he argued.

‘We don’t want to do that — I mean, we’re not going to do that. Or like asking a Muslim to serve up something that is offensive to him, or to have dogs in his backyard,’ he continued.

He then goes into more rhetoric about how Christian convictions are being upended by the PC police, and then mentions he’s not fan of ballet or opera…or obviously any forms of sophisticated culture. But he never once recognizes the fact that the US is a country built partly around the concept of separation of church and state. Never once mentions that gay people aren’t telling Christians how to practice their religions. And, never once mentions that gay people don’t care about legalized *religious* marriages. They care about legalized *federal* marriages…at least most anyway. (There are gays who continue to mix church and state and I’m not getting into that.) Nor does he make the distinction clear for his followers.

You can read the rest here. As someone pointed out in the comments, there are so many things wrong with what Huckabee said it’s hard to know where to start.

James Blunt Anti-Gay Joke

As Mike Huckabee would say, “Gosh, I didn’t even know who James Blunt was until now.” I really didn’t, but I’m seeing a trend these days that some people are getting more attention than ever before by doing something anti-gay or saying something stupid and then retracting in hopes of forgiveness. It’s a clever way to get free publicity…if, in fact, this is what they’re doing. I’m not a mind reader. But I wouldn’t put it past anyone either. This is only one example of a questionable tweet. I’ve seen my share that never make headlines…like one James Franco tweeted and exploited a few weeks ago with an alleged minor…barely legal. 

This James Blunt guy (he’s from the UK) is now getting attention for being an alleged homophobic for joking around about dropping the soap in the conservative MP shower room…in the UK.

The lead story is: ‘The class ceiling – From pop to politics, does it pay to be posh?’ 

Blunt tweeted the cover, saying: ‘I won’t be picking up the soap when this party moves to the showers.’ 

The article goes on to mention how many think Blunt’s comments…and other comments he makes…are offensive to gays.

Is this homophobic? I’m honestly not sure. I see various tweets throughout any given day where people from the PC police gang up on someone and I’m not sure these people from the PC police even know what a sense of humor is. And you can’t define a sense of humor.

The rest is here.  The comments are varied on this one. I do think humor in general is not the same nowadays as it was twenty years ago. The same comedy that worked in the 1990’s doesn’t work today…which is perfectly normal. It will change twenty years from now.

I think we have more to worry about with Mike Huckabee than with James Blunt’s lame jokes.

Gays In Locker Rooms

This really is the dumbest article I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s not from a guy who made a joke and the PC police called him homophobic. It’s not from a politician who makes condescending remarks. It’s from a gay publication that speaks from both sides of its proverbial asshole.

It’s more like a “I can do this and say this and get away with it, but you can’t” type of article. It’s about gay locker room fantasies, and it promotes all the fears straight people have about gays in locker rooms.

It’s a series of photos with comments that range from guys getting “head” in locker rooms to guys getting notes slipped to them. Notice how they set this up ahead of time to make it look as if there’s nothing wrong and that this homophobic piece of hot steamy shit is fine in a gay publication…but put that in a mainstream publication and watch the homophobic screams from the gay PC police come flowing forth.

In the past we’ve shared myths about gay guys in the locker room, but even then we were up front that sometimes things are exactly as they appear to be. No, all guys aren’t constantly checking each other out, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought it didn’t happen. And that’s just a tame introduction.

Which is all fine and well — gotta keep our edge, right?

Just in time for the big game, we asked Whisper to mine their data for some salacious locker room confessions. We certainly weren’t disappointed with what they found.

I’m not trying to insinuate there isn’t a gay locker room fantasy. There are all kinds of fantasies out there that are gay and straight. I’m only saying you can’t have it both ways. You can’t slam James Blunt for joking about dropping the soap in the locker room in one publication and print a douchebag article about gay locker room fantasies in another and expect to be taken seriously.

You can read the locker room fantasies here. You’ll see I’m not joking. And if you read the comments you’ll see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I always save the comments for last so I’m not influenced. Sometimes I’m with them sometimes not, but this time I’m glad I did save them for last.

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