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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution…WTF?

Here’s another WTF post. It’s not really a rant (well, maybe), and it’s not publishing related. But I am curious as to why the host of a “food revolution” show, good old Mr. Jamie Oliver, isn’t nice and thin himself. He’s preaching that we should all eat buttered grass (an exaggeration), and yet he could stand to lose at least twenty pounds himself (not an exaggeration). He covers it up well. But if you were to put him next to someone who is thin, it would be obvious.

And his “food revolution” results in England aren’t very encouraging, as you can see in this blog post over at fitness watch. The weight-loss clinic in Rotherham has been branded ‘ridiculous’ after the cost of the initiative emerged.

I think this post is excellent, too. And I couldn’t agree more.

I have to give credit to L. A. Schools. Someone was thinking clearly.

I run three to five miles a day. I’ve been doing it for twenty years, in all kinds of weather. And when I can’t run, I use the treadmill for thirty minutes. It’s a habit I got into in college and I’ve never stopped. I’m not the fastest runner in the world and I’ll never win any marathons. But I do it faithfully. I also believe…and so do most doctors and psychologists…that portion control is more important than anything when it comes to maintaining, or losing, weight.

So I switched the channel last night when Mr. Oliver started ranting about fast food, especially when he filled someone’s home with tons of fast food to prove a point, bashed them with guilt to the point where I thought the poor people were going to cry, and then tossed all the good food into trash bags. I despise waste of any kind. It turns my stomach. What Jamie Oliver did was vulgar and inappropriate at best. It may be politically correct these days. But I don’t think wasting food of any kind is socially or morally responsible. And I couldn’t help thinking about all the hungry people that food Mr. Oliver trashed could have fed, in this country and in other parts of the world. And I am certain there are children living in our inner cities who would have jumped at a chance to eat one small portion of the food he threw away. Now this would be a good show…hint to the fast food industry…feed hungry people with all the food Mr. Oliver wasted on his ridiculous TV show.