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Male Sex Statistics; Jail Time for Spreading HIV; Ian Reisner Gets Slammed by Club Promoter

Male Sex Statistics

I’m linking to one of those more informative articles that are short and sweet. This one mentions, with photos and captions, some of the more interesting aspects about sex and men. And this time it’s universal, meaning it can be for straight or gay men.

Here’s one:

The length of an American man’s erection is, on average, slightly more than 5 1/2 inches, according to a 2014 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. (Only about 2 percent of guys were packing 8 inches or more.) As for girth, the average guy’s shaft is nearly 5 inches around when hard, the same study found.

Now that’s what I call a statistic. And it may or may not prove that what you see on twitter from male porn sites is all exaggerated with photo shop. But then I never really trusted statistics 100%. From personal experience I would have to say there are more than just 2% that are 8 inches or more. I’d go with 10%.

You can read the rest here. 

Jail Time for Spreading HIV

Last summer I posted about a guy who didn’t tell his boyfriend he was HIV+. The boyfriend who thought he had found the man of his dreams found out about the HIV status through a friend on facebook via a PM. In other words, the guy with HIV didn’t bother to tell the guy he was having sex with.

“Texts where he’s stating he’s negative to people then bragging to others about giving people his ‘positive load.’ It’s crude, it’s… I don’t know how someone could treat another individual like that,” Guerra’s accuser, who chooses to remain anonymous, said at the time.

The guy who is HIV+,  Thomas Guerra, was recently sentenced to six months in jail and the judge declared it a “travesty.”

I think that’s a tremendous oversight in the law if this is just a misdemeanor,” she said. “If any good comes out of it, that this law would change” and become a felony.

Guerra pleaded no contest, and throughout sentencing showed no signs of wrongdoing or remorse.

In fact, he blamed the victim — in this case, his former lover of a year.
“I did not rape this person,” he told the visibly frustrated judge. “I did not take him against his will. Within 5 minutes of Grindr text messaging, he was there. So if you’re that reckless with your life, how can you blame anyone else for your actions?”
I won’t comment on this case. But I can tell you for certain, without a doubt, that when I was single I didn’t take those chances, ever, with anyone. I just wasn’t willing to trust anyone, and I didn’t even trust condoms 100%. In other words, I took responsibility for my own actions. So for those of you reading this, please don’t trust anyone. Never. Anyone. Think of everyone you date as having the potential to be a Guerra.
Ian Reisner Gets Slammed by Club Promoter
Ian Reisner made the headlines, yet again. This time a club promoter is letting people know he doesn’t think Reisner is the best businessman in town. It’s a long quote:

I have not talked (on line) about the OUT NYC boycott. BUT I just saw the New York magazine article on this whole Ted Cruz, Ian Reisner and Matt W thing…. Now I have to speak out to Ian on what he said in that article about gays ‘Gays are cheap comment..

Gays, like and any group, will spend their money when you give them something that they want or need. Do not blame the community for any of your failures to make money. xl made over $8M dollars the year Beto and I ran it. Then you all thought you could do it by yourself and we got the ax.
You lost your shirt the next two years trying to do it yourself.

So, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Gays are not Cheap… as a matter of fact we spend more of our money on going to bars, night clubs, hotels and resturants than do most other people.

Just tell the truth. You have lost money on The OUT NYC because of the way you and Mati managed or should I say miss-managed THE OUT NYC … don’t blame us for your mistakes.”

Without getting into a long story, I’ve seen things like this before. Club owners always think they can do better than professional club promoters and it never usually ends well.

Here’s the link to the quote.

Of course, you don’t want to miss the comments.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Very Fun Story! April 30, 2015

Verified Purchase

The Rainbow Detective Agency is owned by two gay men – Proctor Gamble and Blair Huntingdon. Proctor is 36 years old and was once a male swimsuit model. The case they are working on now involves a C List celebrity/model named Isaac Luke. He’s a closet gay and also has a very rare physical affliction. He has worked in the past for a designer named Lion Hewitt and has also been personally involved with him.

Isaac is kidnapped and Lion Hewitt hires The Rainbow Detective Agency to find Isaac and to keep the physical affliction from becoming public knowledge. It all turns out to be fun and games until poor Isaac finds his luck has ran completely dry!

The playful banter between Proctor and Blair was a lot of fun and they remind me of Oscar and Felix on the Odd Couple. They are passionate men so you can expect to read quite a bit of steamy scenes with these two. Both, Proctor and Blair were very excited to get acquainted with Isaac and see his special package ( so to speak).

A very fun story! It reads like a smooth dream and the characters have a lot of energy, heart, and charm.