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ISIS Using "Flirting" Squads; American Sports Are Most Homophobic; The Rainbow Detective Agency: A Guy with Two Penises

ISIS Using “Flirting” Squads

This is interesting because I just posted something about how police entrap gay men all the time in the US, and now ISIS is doing basically the same thing to single out gay men so they can persecute/eradicate them. The way they do this is horrible.

Undercover male-only squads formed by Islamic State flagged up blokes who reacted favourably to their come-ons.

The honey trap tactic was used by special brigades of young fighters in the Hisbah religious police.

Sodomy is considered a crime under Isis’ Sharia law and is punishable by death – usually barbaric summary execution.

The terror network set up the ploy in a bid to eradicate all gay men from their lands in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

Dozens of men have been killed for being gay by the Isis regime.

Horrific footage previously released online by the media-savvy extremists showed men ‘convicted’ of homosexuality being pushed off a tall building and stoned by rocks by a baying crowd.

Of course in the US they don’t kill gay men, but the entrapment is the same thing…the police lure gay men into situations with hot looking young under cover guys, and then they nab them, arrest them, and charge them with a trumped up crime. 
American Sports Are Most Homophobic
According to a study, American sports are the most homophobic. It’s the largest study ever done on this subject.
The multi-national study called “Out on the Fields” surveyed 9,500 people — including 2,064 lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans — and found that 84 percent said they’d witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports.

Of those queer athletes who experienced it themselves, 29 percent of men and 19 percent of women said they’d been threatened. Of the men, 19 percent said the homophobia came in the form of physical assault, compared with 8 percent of women.
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And it’s both aggressive and passive aggressive homophobia.

At the end of his NBA career, Jason Collins came out and played one season in 2014 before retiring. Michael Sam came out during the NFL draft but never made it further than a practice squad during the regular season before being cut. The NHL has no one it can point to for an example to LGBT players.

A number of pros have come out after leaving the league, and all say there are many others playing now while closeted.

This isn’t just in the sports world. I can tell you from experience just from social media like Twitter and Facebook it’s everywhere. 
This study is one more reason why Michael Sam is a hero. 
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