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Is This Ad Campaign For Men’s Clothing Homophobic?; American Horror, Murder House/Coven Crossover; Colton Haynes’ Halloween Costume

Is This As Campaign For Men’s Clothing Homophobic?

Before I even get into this. I think it is homophobic and I’m glad it was called out on social media. I don’t like stereotyping or homophobia of any kind, and this is pretty obvious.

A campaign to find the face of their Autumn/Winter line features a broody male model next to a so-called “real man,” and features the caption: “Real men have balls, not man bags.”

Unsurprisingly, the Twitter minions wasted no time in decrying the ad as “homophobic” and rife with “toxic masculinity,” as well as playing into “old-fashioned stereotypes,” as Attitude reports.

You can check this one out here. There are photos of the ads and you can see for yourselves. 

American Horror Murder House/Coven Crossover

This sounds interesting. I think my two favorite seasons of AHS were Murder House and Coven.

With Roanoke a little more than halfway dun-dun comes news that American Horror Story will be revisiting Murder House and Coven — and at the same time, too. (Scream.)

Characters from both seasons will be mixing and matching in an upcoming crossover season sure to be a monster-mishmash of ideas, set pieces, and intricate plotting straight out of a grammar school sandbox.

Read more about this here.  

Colton Haynes’ Halloween Costume

I saw this on Twitter yesterday and it’s probably the best Halloween thing I’ve seen all weekend.

Then in 2015 he one-upped with his killer Ursula look from The Little Mermaid. There was rejoicing all across the land.

So how did he fare this year?

This year he was Miss Piggy. You can check that out here

Not all of the comments are as kind as you would imagine.  People can be mean sometimes.