Category: Is There A Facebook Double Standard For Gays?; Evan Peters Returns to American Horror Story; Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize For Literature

Is There A Facebook Double Standard For Gays?; Evan Peters Returns to American Horror Story; Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize For Literature

Is There A Facebook Double Standard For Gays?

I don’t have any links to this part of the post, and I don’t have any clear answers either. I’m just curious about why Facebook friends of mine who happen to be gay, or support gay people, always wind up getting slammed by Facebook. I see it happen constantly.

The main reason I’m asking is because there’s this straight guy I’ve seen in my Facebook newsfeed who posts some of the most vulgar language I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Not only is the language vulgar, I’ve seen images of sex toys and other questionable things. He’s a comedian, one of those You Tube stars, and it looks as if he pays for Facebook to promote him. And while he’s screaming pejoratives, shaming everyone, and posting his vulgarities no one ever says a word and he continues on with all the privilege in the world. 

But a gay Facebook friend of mine will post a harmless photo of a good looking man in his underwear and he lands in Facebook jail for a week. Or a woman who writes gay romance posts a photo of a guy in a kilt and she gets slammed for that. I don’t get the logic.

As I said, these are only questions about things I’ve observed, and I don’t have the answers.  But you can’t help wondering when you see it happen almost daily.

Evan Peters Returns to American Horror Story

I have to admit that I’m enjoying this season of American Horror Story. And I have been wondering why I haven’t seen Evan Peters…until last night. This should clear things up.

In a swirl of lace and leggings and periwigs and unencumbered handsomeness, Peters portrays a certain Edward Philippe Mott, a regal AF billionaire who shuns his family to better seduce his well-proportioned servant and smear rouge on his nipples, as we are all wont to do.

The well-proportioned servant they speak of is a handsome gay man, and there are a few gay sex scenes.

You can check this out here. There’s a video and it’s all SFW.

Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize For Literature

The reactions on Twitter to Bob Dylan Winning a Nobel for Literature have been mixed. I think some of this is generational. I know nothing about Dylan, he’s my mom and dad’s generation, and what I’ve heard over the years never left me inspired. So, the answer is blowin’ in the wind?? Again, I’m sure it’s generational.

In any event…

 Hey, congrats Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in literature! We may not always be able to understand your wobbly voice, but people seem to like what you do and the prize committee says you “created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” so hip hip hooray.

With all due respect to Dylan and the people who love him, I will admit that I’d love to see a novelist category added to the Grammy Awards just once. It’s only fair.

And maybe I’ll live long enough to see Waka Flocka Flame win a Nobel in literature, too.

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