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LGBTs and Higher Economic Barriers; The Death Of Gay Sex Clubs; Donald Trump Parody In "Gay Voice"

LGBTs and Higher Economic Barriers

Here’s an article that talks about a study/report done that suggests LGBT people face higher economic barriers than straight people.

According to the report released by the Center for American Progress, up to 28 percent of lesbian, gay, and bisexual Americans have been fired, not hired, or passed over for a promotion as a result of their sexual orientation.

Alarmingly, transgender discrimination in the workplace is as high as 47 percent.

The report states, ‘Congress has yet to pass a federal law that would explicitly protect all LGBT communities in the United States from discrimination in employment, housing, access to credit, and access to health care.’

You can read the rest here. I don’t question the accuracy of this report as it relates to “openly” gay( or LGBT) people. However, I do wonder about the accuracy with regard to all of the LGBT people who are not out of the closet at work, for obvious reasons, who do very well financially. And I really am just wondering, not speculating.

The Death of Gay Sex Clubs

This story mostly talks about the reality of all kinds of gay venues closing…everywhere. 

I’ve never been to a sex club, so I was curious about it.

‘It’s not been an easy transition for some people,’ he concedes. ‘Saying to a lot of customers, “We’ve changed now and you can’t have sex here” … That’s quite a big change to make.

‘They say “I came to eagle and the darkroom’s gone – I used to enjoy it!”; “You can’t call yourself an Eagle now!’, “There was women in the venue – how can you do this!?”

‘The misogyny is quite shocking. Well, if you came before, maybe we wouldn’t have changed, but you weren’t coming in great numbers often enough to sustain it!

‘And that’s before all the other caveats of running a sex entertainment venue, which is such a risky business nowadays.

There’s more here. It’s really one of the most accurate pieces I’ve read, about how difficult it seems to be to keep an all gay venue open these days.  

Donald Trump Parody In “Gay Voice”

This next article has a video where Donald Trump is stumping at some kind of rally, and he’s doing it in “gay voice.” Keep in mind that neither Trump nor his campaign had anything to do with this. It’s the work of some comedian I’ve never heard of named Peter Serafinowicz.

The latest, titled “Captain Trump,” sees him lisping his way through economic “agenda,” before going off on a tangent about the enemy surrounding “our beautiful big destroyers, and our great men…sitting there watching and saying, ‘Oh, would I like to give it to them.’”

You can watch the video here. There are a few interesting comments with the article.I can’t say that I learned anything from them this time, but they’re interesting.