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Is Gay Gym Bunny Cliche; Chris Christie Pounding the Meat; Ping Pong Player Hits With His Penis

Is Gay Gym Bunny Cliche

Here’s a post with more memes that talk about gays who frequent the gym, and whether or not that’s a cliche. I run every morning, and I’ve been doing it since college. If I can’t get out because of weather, I use a treadmill in my house. I love the way it makes me feel and how I look comes second. I also work out with weights at home…again, for the way it makes me feel. So I’m clearly not the one to comment on this because I really do believe that working out and being active creates many benefits, both physical and mental. But, I don’t go to a gym.

Here’s what one guy said…

I got up the courage to try working out at the gym for the first time in my life. I’m gay and I think I just discovered heaven. Except, most everyone is untouchable.

And that’s why I don’t go to a gym. For me it was always a matter of time. Most people who work out, and take it seriously, are not interested in socializing. They don’t have time for it…meaning actual minutes in the day.

The quotes in these memes vary slightly, however, they seem to be accurate.

You can read the rest here. 

Chris Christie Pounding the Meat

Here’s a story about Governor Christie of New Jersey and his run for President. I’m not sure why this is in a gay press in the first place, but I guess they have their reasons.

This morning, Christie used a very unfortunate Rocky metaphor while discussing the upcoming Iowa caucuses on Morning Joe this morning.

“I feel like I’m going to start pounding the meat, Joe,” Christie said. “Pounding the meat!”

Clearly the girthy governor is not familiar with Urban Dictionary‘s definition of that phrase. Or maybe he is?

Oh, that was so funny…said no one ever.

And did you notice the fat shaming remark?

I’m not a Christie supporter, nor will I ever be a Chris Christie supporter, but I’m not fond of fat shaming and I do think if you’re going to try for humor in print you should at least go for a chuckle or guffaw. This was barely a smile and nod.

Here’s the rest, if you think you have that many moments in your life to waste.

Ping Pong Player Hits With His Penis

I don’t think this one is SFW, but it’s interesting. How often do you see a guy slam a ping pong ball with his penis? And he’s a good looking guy, too. The penis isn’t bad either.

The best sports highlight of today, by a large margin, is this man using his dick to hit a ping-pong ball.

As a warning, if you watch this, the sound of contact will not leave your head:

 You can check out the video, here. I’ve seen it and it does, indeed, make an interesting sound.

And yes, there are comments.