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Is Calling Him "Daddy" Perverse? News Anchor and Homophobic Colleague; A SEXY Gay Nature Lover

Is Calling Him “Daddy” Perverse?

I’m no expert on this one so I’m just linking this time. No comments.

A woman overheard a gay men talking about his “daddy” at a party and didn’t understand what he meant, so she’s written a letter to gay advice columnist Hank Scott asking him to explain.

“I was at a party the other night and overheard two gay men in their early 30s talking about the boyfriend of one of them,” her letter begins. “One guy said to the other: ‘So how’s the relationship going with daddy?’ Apparently he was referring to the other guy’s boyfriend, who was at the party and appeared to be in his mid-50s!”

They do go on to explain this, and they do it well. They make a point of stating this has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia. Even I knew that.

You can read the rest here.

News Anchor and Homophobic Colleague

Here’s a story about an Australian news personality who allegedly made a repulsive homophobic speech, and his colleague called him out for it in public.

 Not that the speech is defensible in any way. In it, he referred to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper as the “Sydney Morning Homosexual” and then claims the Liberal Party is “basically a gay club.”

“I don’t mind that they are gay,” he adds. “I just wish, like Hadrian, they would build a wall. ”

To give a sense of exactly what kind of event this was, a ring-wing cartoonist made the following “joke”:

“I can’t stand Muslims… [but] they are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.”

You can check this out here, and watch the video. It’s an interesting debate. And there are comments below it. I just always wonder if these things are staged.

A SEXY Gay Nature Lover

Here’s one that will make you smile. And it’s SFW. There’s nothing pervy about it.

Plenty, and hilariously so. As Laura slowly drives in the park and films him, Matthew is suddenly awash in massive tongues and Buffalo fur as the animals reach their heads inside the car for the park-approved slices of bread Matthew feeds them. His squeals of horror and delight have to be seen to be believed.

Here’s a link to the video…and those expected comments.

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