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Is Batman Gay? Gay Jesus; Nick Jonas on Bulges; 25 Awesome Moments American Horror Story

Is Batman Gay?

Do we really care? I’m not sure we’ll ever know for certain, however, this article discusses the topic, in short. I’m not into comics, so I’ll quote more than explain on this one.

Multiversity: The Just #1, by Grant Morrison and Ben Oliver, was released on October 22 and is set in a world where superheroes have become obsolete (sounds a bit boring). Rather than saving the world from evil villains, Batman and Superman and the likes are treated more like celebrities, and where there are celebrities there are bratty children of celebrities.

Find out the rest here, where there’s also a link to another piece on the topic about the overall “gay” interpretation of the batman series. That part is actually interesting.

Gay Jesus

I can only imagine the backlash this piece is going to receive, and I think it might be justified to a certain extent this time. I’m not very religious at all, however, I also don’t like to judge things like this because it’s art and it’s subjective. I owned an art gallery for many years in New Hope, PA, and the most consistent thing I learned is that art is something you have to feel passionate about. I don’t feel that way about this particular art, but others do.

They give an explanation that almost sounds plausible, but to me it looks like click-bait designed to give attention to people who otherwise normally wouldn’t get it. In any event…

“A queer Passion is crucial now even for non-believers because Christianity is being used to justify discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,” Cherry, a minister and art historian, says in a press release. “The book speaks not only to the LGBT community, but to everyone who is passionate about building a more just world.”

The rest is here. I’m just not into it. But I do think this shows how different the gay community can be.

The comments are candid.

However, there’s a more aggressive article over here. This time they’re claiming Facebook discriminated against them and censored them because of sexual orientation. The comments with this link are even more interesting.

Nick Jonas on Bulges

Now this, I think, is almost funny because it’s so transparent. Gay baiting Nick Jonas who always seems to be the cute little straight guy pandering to gay men is at it again. (If you notice I rarely post anything about Nick Jonas for very concise reasons. I don’t like gay baiting.)  But can we really blame Jonas? This article is in a gay publication. They didn’t have to publish it.

Jonas, currently starring as a possibly gay man in the DirecTV series The Kingdom, also offered a quick tutorial on filming sex scenes. Fun was had by all.

In a video at this link, Jonas plays a game that deals with guessing male celebrity bulges.

And, once again, the comments are more interesting than the article. I would be remiss if I didn’t post this one because it makes me wonder if gay men are finally getting sick and tired of this kind of thing.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. And this Jonas kid REALLY needs to stop with the desperate pandering to gays. He’s trying way too hard. Sorry, he can take his shirt off and play little dumb cutesie games like this and I’m still not buying his lousing music.

25 Awesome Moments American Horror Story

Here’s a link to an article with 25 of the most fascinating moments on American Horror Story. I think it’s the whole series combined…with all seasons.

Obviously we use the word “awesome” with quite a bit of leeway when discussing a show whose stocks-in-trade include disembodied racists, serial killing teen ghosts, and self-administered asylum abortions – but these 25 WTF American Horror Story moments kept us coming back to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk‘s small-screen slaughterhouse season after season for more campy, blood-soaked thrills.

Here’s where you can see them all. 

Ring My Bells by Ryan Field

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