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Footballer Porn Surfaces; Seth Rogen’s Zac Efron Crush; Oh, Naughty Plagiarist

Irish Footballer Porn

A 25 year old Irish footballer is allegedly being bullied and abused online now because he did gay porn. Actually, he did a gay for pay film that can be found on a “well-known” web site where “straight” guys fake being gay for a gay audience.

Posted online last month on The Casting Room, a man that appears to be the athlete is interviewed discussing his sexual preferences.

The man, given the pseudonym of ‘Fergus’, is wearing a London GAA top – the same team the footballer plays for. He is then seen giving and receiving oral and anal sex.

The footballer, widely named on Twitter, has not made a comment on the video.

Dozens of people have sent the player homophobic messages, calling him a ‘sick fag’.

You can read more here.

I did a simple search and found this.

Some accepted his apparent decision to appear in a pornographic film, but many hurled abuse or made crude jokes, while some expressed concern for the young man’s well-being.

And this article mentions his name and goes into more detail. There’s also a photo.

Dozens of people have also left vile messages on his personal Twitter page abusing him for appearing in the film.

Of course the horrible way he’s been bullied and abused goes without saying. But I do find the web site where this whole straight guy fantasy thing happens interesting. We hear mixed messages about this all the time. We read research and hear “experts” talk about how gay men aren’t attracted to straight men, and yet there are web sites like this lurking around everywhere making tons of money on the straight guy fantasy. What am I missing here?

Seth Rogen’s Zac Efron Crush

This is interesting because it’s almost the exact opposite of what I just posted with the gay guy crush on the straight guy. Even though Seth Rogen and James Franco parody things in a gay way sometimes, as far as I know both are straight. Evidently, it’s not too far-fetched for a straight guy like Seth Rogen to have a man-crush on another straight guy like Zac Efron.

 ‘The first time I saw (Efron) with no shirt on, my first instinct was there was something wrong because he has so many bumps sticking out of his body!My body is like one big bump, and his is like 87 different little bumps that come together!’

Rogen added: ‘In the movie I make a joke, it’s like his whole body is like a giant arrow that points to his d–k!. It’s like someone designed the muscles to draw your eyes down from his gorgeous face and suddenly it’s like a Plinko game with your eyes.’

You can read more here, where there’s a clip of Rogen talking about this.

I actually think Rogen is big, strong, fuzzy, and adorable. And I’d choose him any day over Efron. In fact, in my latest release, The Preacher’s Husband, the preacher in the storyline reminds me of Rogen. I didn’t plan that, at least not consciously anyway.  

Oh, Naughty Plagiarist

I rarely link to this particular web site because I find it dated now. But not completely; just slightly. For a long time it was THE place to go when you had questions about a shady agent, editor, or publisher. It’s always been accurate and I think the intent has always been to help authors, not to hurt them. And although the post to which I’m linking now is just as articulate as any post they’ve ever done, I can’t help but wonder if all that time and energy could have been spent on something more current…something that we’re all dealing with now as authors, readers, and publishers.

In any event, the post talks about someone I’ve never heard of (and wouldn’t have heard of had it not been for this post) who allegedly has a long history of all kinds of shifty activity, from unethical literary agent practices to plagiarism in the worst (and most ridiculous) ways.

Based in Alabama, WordWorks is owned by Pamela Wray Biron, who provides “Expert and Innovative Content Solutions,” including editing, ghostwriting, graphic design, illustration, marketing, and web services. A veritable Renaissance woman. And, gosh, just look at Pamela’s clients! The US Justice Department! 20th Century Fox! The President of the United States! Check out the impressive names on Pamela’s Testimonials page! Steve Jobs! Bill Gates! Michael Eisner! Editorial and marketing staff from all the Big Five publishers!

There’s just one problem: most of the testimonials are plagiarized, and not just from Jodie Renner.

It’s a long post, and worth reading because it’s interesting to see how far someone will go. And I guess if something like this helps one or two people from getting scammed it was, indeed, worth the effort. I also don’t want anyone to get the impression I’m slamming this blogger. I’ll admit that I’ve become a little jaded on the topic of bad agents and posts like this because I’ve been so desensitized to these things over the years I can almost spot a fake 100% of the time at a glance. But, there are plenty of scammers out there now who aren’t acting as agents. They are gaming, they are aggressively promoting, and they are making the rest of us all look like veritable fools because we’re not doing the same things. And that’s the kind of thing I’d like to see on blogs like the one I’m linking to below because that’s the kind of thing that’s hurting us all the most.

You can read more here.