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Ireland Gay Marriage Popular Vote; Avoiding "Swamp Crotch;" Pray the Gay Away

Ireland Gay Marriage Popular Vote

When put to a vote, gay marriage recently won in Ireland by a huge margin. The most significant part of this is that it’s the first time gay marriage won by a popular vote, anywhere.

This article talks about five reasons why it went this way:

Ireland is one of the most Catholic nations in the world. The vote was a thumb in the eye of Irish bishops who made a last-ditch appeal to the faithful, who haven’t forgiven the bishops for the Church’s child-abuse scandals. The bishops’ failure shows how frayed the Church’s hold is on those in the pews. Worse still, it’s not as if pro-marriage Catholics felt that they were bucking the Church. In fact, many believed that they were following Church teachings that demand fairness. The power of the Catholic Church isn’t what it once was in Ireland. But what diminishes the Church’s hold there will inevitably hurt the hierarchy in the U.S. as well. After all, the Church is a global corporation.

You can read the rest here.  

I have many opinions on this topic, however, this time I’d rather just congratulate Ireland for a job well done and smile.

Avoiding “Swamp Crotch”

I had no idea what “swamp crotch” was until I read this. Evidently, it’s about cleaning your private parts.

There’s a list of things to do…because showering regularly I guess just isn’t good enough anymore.

“It should be remembered that sweat is in fact odorless, it is only when it is broken down by bacteria that it smells.” says Tee.

The key to freshness is limiting the amount of moisture before that breaking down can even place.

“Thorough drying of the area after a shower (using a hair dryer if necessary) is vitally important to prevent or reduce these problems.”

 And there you go. They forgot to mention water is wet.

You can read the rest here…or not.

Pray the Gay Away

I think I posted about this bishop, but I can’t remember. In any event, this same Catholic bishop is now having second thoughts about whether gay people can pray the gay away.

He said his comments were misinterpreted and that he regretted any pain he may have caused.

“I never wanted to hurt or stigmatize anyone,” Lovey said. “I don’t consider homosexuality to be an illness.”

“But,” he continued, “I do know people whose homosexual tendencies were fleeting, without claiming this is the case for everyone. I used the term ‘cure’ for a person who was homosexual and who talks in these terms about his personal experience.”

Now that’s something I never heard of either. 

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