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iPhone 7 Launch and Penis Confusion; Davey Wavey Is Measuring Penises Now; Colton Haynes’s Teen Modeling Days

iPhone 7 Launch and Penis Confusion

For those of you who are multilingual, you know how words and phrases can sometimes get misinterpreted in translation. I’ve done it many times, and without even realizing it.

Well this is what happened with the iPhone 7 launch in Hong Kong…

The latest iPhone release was met with anticipation in most parts of the world, and confusion in Hong Kong, thanks to the new slogan which got hilariously lost in translation to Cantonese. 

Apple’s new slogan for its latest phone, “This is 7,” sounds just like the slang for “This is penis” in Hong Kong’s Cantonese dialect.

There’s more here.

Davey Wavey Is Measuring Penises Now

Here’s an article where Wavey shows everyone the correct way to measure another guy’s penis.

Davey suggested the following algorithm – for length you measure from the top of the pubic area to your knee – giving you a standard length of over 18 inches and for girth you times the actual length by 2.5.

You can check that out here.  There’s a video. What else can I say?

Colton Haynes’s Teen Modeling Days

Here’s a piece where Colton Haynes reminisces about his teen modeling days. Like everything else with Haynes, it’s tasteful, well done, and informative. The photos are great, too. It doesn’t look as if he’s changed at all since then.


Those early days really helped me get comfortable in front of the camera cause coming from a small town, I had no idea what the hell I was doing. A friend sent this to me today and said “remember when u used to ask my mom for a dollar so u could eat Wendy’s with us?”. I just thought I’d share a lil story with y’all…feeling so very lucky to have the opportunity to do what I love. End Zoolander monologue lol

Here’s the rest. I know a lot of you don’t know that much about Haynes, and this is a good way to find out a little more back story.