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U of Iowa Free Writing Workshop

U of Iowa Free Writing Workshop

Someone sent me this link earlier today and I wanted to post about it before I forget. The University of Iowa is offering a free online writers workshop that looks very interesting. I haven’t seen anything like this before from them.

The University of Iowa is offering a free online creative writing workshop for emerging fiction writers, from Sept. 16th to Oct. 28th. The workshop consists of seven online live sessions with seasoned literary writer and author Nate Brown. His work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Mississippi Review, The Carolina Quarterly, Wag’s Revue (and many others). He currently serves as Deputy Director of the PEN/Faulkner Foundation.

Connected via the Internet, writers will join as an online writer’s group to discuss and share their own work while learning proven techniques to improve and hone their craft. Each weekly session will center on one specific component of fiction writing such as character-building, plot-making, story-setting, conflict, POV, descriptive writing, and developing scenes.

Interested writers who want to participate must submit a resume, statement of purpose, and a writing sample before Sept. 6, 2013. Writers with no prior publishing credits are eligible. Only 15 writers will be accepted.

And this is the University of Iowa, with the storied Writers’ Workshop that some people will do anything to get into. I’m not a total snob about schools (just a partial snob), but when I hear that someone was part of the Writers’ Workshop I tend to get a thrill up my leg that’s hard to explain.

The Iowa Writers’ Workshop is a two-year residency program which culminates in the submission of a creative thesis (a novel, a collection of stories, or a book of poetry) and the awarding of a Master of Fine Arts degree.

For more than 75 years emerging writers have come to Iowa City to work on their manuscripts and to exchange ideas about writing and reading with each other and with the faculty. Many of them have gone on to publish award-winning work after graduating. With the spirit of an arts colony and the benefits of the research University of which we are a part, the Writers’ Workshop continues to foster and to celebrate American literature in all its varied forms.

In my 8th and final novel in the Bad Boy Billionaire series, I set a good part of the book in Iowa because the two main characters both meet and fall in love at The Iowa Writers’ Workshop. It’s a very prestigious program, and not simple to get into by any means. Many excellent authors have been graduated from there, and I have a gay nephew in med school at U of Iowa right now. So I wanted to add this to the book, especially because the book will be titled, “The Small Town Romance Writer.” The only issue I’ve had so far with this book is that it’s turning out to be much longer than I’d expected. This one will be over 110,000 words, which is far longer than what I usually do. But the book begins and ends in Iowa.

In any event, check out the link I’ve provided above about the online workshop. I’m a growing fan of all higher education online, and I think with rising tuition costs most people will be looking into this more in the future.