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Intro to Field of Dreams…

Here’s the intro I wrote to the new anthology I have coming out soon that contains a collection of my short stories. The title will be FIELD OF DREAMS, and I’ve included two short stories that are lost chapters from The Virgin Billionaire series and American Star.

One of the most challenging and fulfilling ways to write fiction is through the short story. For an author, it’s a way to learn control and balance, a way to practice word economy, and a way to focus on character study no other medium can provide. For the reader, the short story is a way to escape into the relaxing realm of fiction without investing too much time in this extremely busy world. But with just as much intensity.

In this particular collection of Ravenous Romance stories, the balance is between love, relationships, and erotica. Though some are more emotional than others, there’s an underlying theme of deep seated passion in all. And though some are more sexually daring and explorative than others, there’s always a happy ending and always hope and promise for the future. In Rudy’s New Kazoo, a handsome, gentle young man recently graduated from college takes on a job as a ranch hand, with a strong, alpha cowboy who is used to having things his own way. In Back in the Day, Paul and Blair celebrate their love-filled twenty year relationship by revisiting the old stomping grounds where they first met and fell in love. Milo, in His First Kiss, discovers the romantic thrill of kissing a man for the first time in his life, and Joe, in Dirty Little Boxer Boy, learns the true meaning of customer service when a handsome young doctor walks into the tanning salon where he works. There’s also a story with two minor characters from The Virgin Billionaire series, Cory and Jasper, finding love on a cold snowy night. And there’s a quirky story about the unexpected love between a transsexual and the handsome male star of a soap opera in, I Love Lou Ces’Lablanc.

As these characters embrace their individual circumstances, finding love in places they didn’t expect and growing in ways they never could have imagined, the world becomes a much better place for all of them. And even though the journey isn’t always easy, they learn how to become better people through the process.