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Big Thanks to Queer Town Abbey for Author of the Month

Big Thanks to Queer Town Abbey for Author of the Month

When the people at Queer Town Abbey e-mailed me earlier this month with a questionnaire, letting me know that I’d been chosen Author of the Month, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. It was the last thing I expected, and I’m honored because I’m a huge fan of Queer Town Abbey and everything the owners have been doing for the past few years.

They asked some interesting questions, and even posted a quote from one of my books that I like the most. They must have gone and looked that up. I don’t remember submitting a quote to them. But I do have a few quotes up on that are public. I could also be wrong about that, I was more focused on answering the questions than anything else. In any event, here’s the quote:

“You’re nothing but an aging sad cliché and I don’t want any part of it anymore. You’ll wind up right here, in a room just like this, twenty years from now paying for what I’ve been giving you for free from someone even younger than I am right now. Only you’ll be twenty years older and nothing more than a broken down image of the man you used to be. Good luck with that.” Ryan Field, Chase of a Lifetime

And here’s part of the interview:

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?
Even though I write a lot of gay erotic romance, I can be very conservative in some areas. I think that comes from working in “old” publishing where some things were different. If the Internet stopped tomorrow I could go back to writing in hard copy as if it were nothing to me.

You can read the article in full, here.