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Most Popular Resolutions

This list of the most popular resolutions comes from a .gov web site. I tend to like .gov, and I think you can use any photo that comes from the government because it’s public domain…I read that somewhere, but don’t quote me and always make sure you are free to use any photo you post on a blog. If it doesn’t say so, don’t use it. It seems every artsy type with an iPhone these days is looking to make a buck with their mediocre (bad) photos and you don’t want to take any chances. These mom and pop *interneties mean business.

In any event, here’s a list of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Each link will take you to a different web site that discusses the issue in depth. I’ve added a comment next to each one that’s very basic, and it’s just my own personal opinion so don’t take it seriously. It’s my blog; we all have opinons.

  • Drink Less Alcohol If you think you have a problem with alcohol, don’t ignore it. I’ve seen a lot of lives ruined by people in deep denial. If you think someone you love has a problem, don’t enable them. I’ve seen too much of that, too. Get help.
  • Eat Healthy Food  Easier said than done if you prefer chocolate to meat.
  • Get a Better Education Take advantage of a lot of the online programs offered these days. I’m becoming a huge fan of online universities and I think they may be the future considering how costly higher education is these days.
  • Get a Better Job If you don’t at least try, you’ll never really know. In other words, it can’t help to search out new positions all the time.
  • Get Fit If you really want to get fit, sometimes all you have to do is walk. For those who can’t take too much walking because of other health issues, I suggest consulting an expert. But if you don’t have any health issues and you are perfectly capable of walking or running, don’t waste time with these ridiculous private trainers. I’ve seen too many people over the years spend small fortunes on private trainers and they never…NEVER…see results. It always amazes me that it’s illegal to do so many things in this country, and yet it’s prefectly legal to scam people with ridiculous fitness routines.
  • Lose Weight Eat Less. Plain and simple. Diets don’t work. Unfortunately, you’ll have to suffer a little. But that’s good for the soul.
  • Manage Debt Spend less. If you are in debt cut down on the things you don’t really need. You’d be amazed at how much you can save if you are really honest with yourself. If you are that much in debt, and it’s overwhelming you, consult an expert. A lot of this is free now. Read Joe Mihalic’s book, “No More Harvard Debt.” It talks about student debt, but can be applied to all kinds of debt.
  • Manage Stress That’s a hard one. And what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Find out what works best for you. I think one day they are going to figure out that stress is the leading cause of most of our health issues. One thing I’ve ben conscious of doing to reduce my stress level is learning how to say no.
  • Quit Smoking Try e-cigarettes. I’ve heard they work for some people. But this is a tough one, and I’m still working on it myself. In spite of the fact that I run five miles a day, I still smoke about a pack every three days. I know some would say that’s not a lot. But I’d like to give it up for good.
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle I think we all do this more than ever before. I know I’ve almost given up on all paper products around the house. Of course toilet tissue is a must, but you’d be amazed at how well you can get along without paper towels, paper napkins, and paper bags. Everyone thinks cloth napkins are so hard to deal with. But most of the fabrics out now are wrinkle free and all you have to do is wash, dry, and fold them. It’s nicer to use cloth, too. It must feels better. And I don’t think Tony and I have ever had a paper plate in the house in the twenty years we’ve been together. I can’t imagine expecting guest to eat on paper. Dishes take seconds to wash and dry.
  • Save Money Someone once told me the real secret to having money is learning how to hold on to it. I will admit I haven’t always been prefect in this department. But I’m learning and I’ve been doing well. I still haven’t bought that mini iPad because I don’t really need it.
  • Take a Trip It’s been five years since Tony and I took a vacation. We’re due! I’m thinking cross country road trip.
  • Volunteer to Help Others We try to do this all the time. We’re not charity specific in the sense that we join groups and get active in organizations. We just don’t have the time now, and we are always dealing with elderly relatives (charity begins at home.) But when an older friend needs a lift to the doctor or something of that nature, we’re there.
  • *Interneties – Anyone who has a computer and thinks he or she is more famous, talented, and important than they really are…just because they have a computer.