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Cover Preview Second Chance; Nude Gay Rugby Players

Cover Preview Second Chance

I’ve been going back and forth with the cover artist I use for indie books and this is what we came up with as a tentative cover for a new series I’m working on titled Second Chance. It still hasn’t been finalized, but I’m fairly certain this will be as close to the final as it gets. Although I have several full length books (four, I think, including a Christmas novel) with publishers coming out soon, I’ve been working on this series in my spare time because I haven’t had a self-pubbed release in a couple of months. And I wanted to do a series this time that focuses on the fantasy of second chances and getting the opportunity to do things over again…if that’s what someone wants to do. The choice is always there. But whether or not the characters will change the course of their lives and take the second chance remains to be seen.

Here’s the blurb for the first book in the series. It’s a 20,000 word novella that will be priced at .99 and released in digital only format. I’m hoping for a release date in early December, which I’ll post about very soon.

In this first novella of the Second Chance series, an older gay man who has lived a closeted life for ninety-two years is presented with choices one last time. Who hasn’t wondered how things might have turned out if only they’d made one or two different choices in their lives? Who hasn’t contemplated what it would be like for the chance to do things all over again a different way, if only that were possible?

When ninety-two year old Andy Walker shuffles out to his beloved vegetable garden one morning in June, he gets the surprise of his life. He winds up in the last place he could ever imagine, with the man of his dreams telling him there’s still time for a second chance and there’s still time for him to choose a different path than the one he’s already followed…but only if he’s willing to take the risk and revisit one of the most pivotal and painful moments of his life. There are no guarantees or promises of happily-ever-after, and no one can make Andy’s choices for him. But if he agrees to return to the year 1950 when he was still young and strong and handsome, only he will know whether or not it’s possible to alter the course of his entire life thanks to one unusual encounter with a stranger named Chip.
Nude Gay Rugby Players
Gay Rugby Club, The Nashville Grizzlies, have released their annual calendar. What I like most about things like this is that the men are real, not exaggerated models like so many of the irritating photos I see on social media all the time. I think there’s a balance between a lot of these over-produced photos of nude or shirtless muscle gods and genuinely good looking real men, with good bodies, and real faces. Maybe I’m jaded and I’ve seen too many naked men in my lifetime, but the way people drool over some of these social media photos makes me really wonder. I even tried to find a more normal looking model for the cover above, after rejecting a long list of photos with men who had bodies I thought looked way over the top.
But these rugby guys in the calendar are adorable:  
The annual calendar is always a fun event for our team,” Mark Pilkington, Vice President of the Nashville Grizzlies, told The Huffington Post. “This year’s calendar allows many of our guys to incorporate the sport of rugby into some very artistic photos. The proceeds from the calendar will help us toward our goal of sending as many guys as possible to Sydney for the Bingham Cup. The Bingham Cup is an experience like no other and to be able to play rugby and fellowship with teams from around the world is something we are all looking forward to.”
You can read more here, where you can view the players and there’s a link to where you can purchase the calendar. And it’s a good charity. I didn’t know about the Bingham Cup or about the event honoring Mark Bingham, a gay man who was one of the heroes on flight 93 on September 11, 2001.