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Insulting a Gay Rapper; Gay Celebrity Couples; Too Hot For US: New Gay UK TV Show

Insulting a Gay Rapper

Although I’ve never been a fan of this kind of morning radio host show humor, I don’t think this was meant to be real. In any case, the questions asked seem to hit too close to home with regard to the kinds of questions gay people are asked all the time…even when something isn’t meant to be funny. They come in all forms of dumb. In this case there’s nothing passive aggressive about it.

But when gay rapper Cakes da Killa sat down for a radio interview with The Hot 97 Morning Show last week, things just went from weird to embarrassing and back to weird again.

First, the two straight interviewers seem to congratulate Cakes on the fact that they didn’t initially know he was gay when they listened to his music. As if that’s some sort of achievement.

Then the real stupid starts when they suggest in all apparent honesty that on some level they don’t understand why their female lesbian staffer and Cakes wouldn’t hit it off in the sack. I mean, they’re both gay right??

Cakes was a good sport…what else can you be in a situation like that? But I’m still waiting for the day this kind of joking around about gay people becomes politically incorrect like everything else in the free world…or at the very least people think before they speak. Because you get just the right gay guy in that situation at just the right time and some radio host…or someone similar…is going to be eaten alive (smile).

You can read more here. There’s one question you really don’t want to miss.

Gay Celebrity Couples

Here’s a piece where there are photos and comments about gay celebrity couples who seem to make it all look better for some reason. And I’m glad they do. I think it’s important to talk about the serious issues, but as important to show that things aren’t always that bad. The post, like most things on Queerty, is really an advertorial for a film, however, it’s a good advertorial as far as they go.

To celebrate the release of Love Is Strange this weekend, we’ve taken a look at six gay celebrity couples whose relationships mirror those of the film’s main characters, played by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina.

In the film, Lithgow and Molina play a gay couple learning to adapt to life’s uncertainty and accepting its hurdles as opportunities to grow. Forced to live apart due to circumstances beyond their control, their love grows despite the space between them.
You can view the photos here. I thought it was inspiring. And the film actually does look good.
Too Hot For US: New Gay UK TV Show
It’s doesn’t surprise me that something would be considered too hot for the US. That’s always been the case when you compare all forms of art in the US to anything abroad. It is what it is. Fortunately, there’s going to be a new TV show in the UK that’s too hot for the US, so they say, and at least we’ll be able to see it here thanks to technology, eventually.
Described by Channel 4 boss Jay Hunt as ‘channel-defining’, the show will be one of three programmes telling the story of life across the generations. Cucumber will be the main show, with Banana the spin-off featuring younger characters.
The other, Tofu, will tell the stories of ordinary people. The Thick Of It’s Vincent Franklin will play 40-something Henry Best who is currently splitting up with his boyfriend and finds himself attracted to a younger man.
It’s about time, and I’m looking forward to this. I hope we don’t have to wait too long to see it in the US.
I’ve heard other things about this UK show and all were good. You can read more here.

The Sheriff and the Outlaw
by Ryan Field