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Teen Tried Suicide 43 Times; Juhlin Inspired by Michael Sam; Gay Weddings Japan

Teen Tried Suicide 43 Times

This sort of thing just guts me to the core. In a follow up to a post to one I wrote earlier this week about a male teen who committed suicide after having an affair with a well known male TV personality in the UK, this latest news is so shocking it makes the original story even more frustrating.

The jury inquest in Truro heard how a gay male TV comedian, referred to as Mr X throughout proceedings, did ‘sexual things’ to the 18-year-old while he was studying fashion in London.

After the affair, the inquest heard how a psychiatrist said Cowburn was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following his experiences. Around a month before his death, Cowburn was found wandering in the middle lane of a freeway near Longreach.

He told police officers it was the 43rd attempt to take his own life.

You can read more here. The article goes on to mention how the teen was disgusted with himself and how he needed to punish himself (I think we’ve all been there…to a certain degree). And even though this wasn’t a case of rape…at least not the clear definition of rape…the teen felt pressure to do certain things. The TV personality has not been identified and the inquest is still moving forward.

We may never know the truth about this. But I can’t help wondering how many young men are traumatized by sexual encounters like this and how many do go through PTSD completely undiagnosed. It’s not something we hear about often because most young men won’t admit it to anyone, nor will they even admit it to themselves…whether they are gay or straight. It takes years of dealing with certain things to come to a full understanding. And even then it never really goes away completely.

I hope they get to the bottom of this one, and without hidden influences that often happen where there is money and power involved.

And why wasn’t that child under observation after all those failed attempts at suicide?

Juhlin Inspire by Michael Sam

I hope Michael Sam truly knows what an inspiration he’s been to so many gay men all over the world. This next article is just another example of what he’s achieved.

Marcus Juhlin, a well-known American Football player in Sweden, says it is Sam’s openness that led to his decision to come out as gay.

The 22-year-old Juhlin has told his story QX, the biggest LGBT magazine in Sweden, in a cover story.

The magazine reports that he is the first pro in American Football in Sweden to go public about being gay.

You can read more here.

Gay Weddings Japan

I have to admit that I’ve always been fascinated by all Asian culture. I’ve been collecting Satsuma and other Asian antiques all my life, the most important so far being a 16th century mud chair from China. And although I’ve never been to Asia (yet), I find gay culture in many parts of Asia just as fascinating and this article very uplifting.

Draped in wedding kimonos, standing in a Zen temple built in the 1590s, gay and lesbian couples have a new option for a commitment ceremony in Japan.

The Hotel Granvia Kyoto is offering a full traditional Buddhist wedding at the Shunkoin Temple for same-sex couples.

Even though same sex marriage is not yet legalized in Japan, the hotel joins other businesses around the world taking steps toward social acceptance of LGBTI couples while their home governments lag behind. Thus the ceremony is more of a spiritual commitment, as the couple does not gain any legal right through it.

There’s more here.