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If You’re a Writer, Read This With Caution…

If you are a writer and you’re struggling to get published, read this post with caution.

I suppose there are two ways to look at it. In the blog post where I read it first the blooger seemed to think it was something writers should read for inspiration.

Frankly, I don’t buy into that. I think it’s just more babble to confuse writers. I prefer my inspiration to come from success, not from failure and rejection.

But that’s just a matter of opinion. And there are obviously people who would disagree with me.

A Link to a Great Blog Post about Fighting the Fight

Okay. My blog posts aren’t always great. I know this. And I admit it openly.

However, I do know when I see a great blog post and I’m always ready to link to it here. I just read this over at author G.A. Hauser’s blog and thought I’d share the link. It’s not just about books and publishing this time. It’s about life, and the battles we each face regularly. For me, with the fight I’m doing right now, with my friend and the disability insurance, it hit close to home.