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Information Wants To Be Free; Gay Adult Film Star Attacked by Bigots in West Hollywood; Gay Club Denies Entry To Man In High Heels;

Information Wants To Be Free

The other day I saw what looked like an interesting piece being Tweeted by the New York Times. But when I clicked the link and was led to the NYT, I was told that my monthly views had expired and if I wanted to see more I would have to pay. Guess what I did?

I closed the window and I’m not clicking on any NYT articles in the future. I can get the same information, if not better information, for free in other places. I don’t love ads and pop ups, but I don’t hate them either. In fact, some of the ads I come across lead me to some interesting places with more information.

In any event, this discussion has been going on for a long time, and I wanted to share this for people who might not be aware of it…or understand it.

Information wants to be free” is an expression that means that people should be able to access information freely. It is often used by technology activists to criticize laws that limit transparency and general access to information. People who criticize Intellectual Property law say the system of such government granted monopolies conflicts with the development of a public domain of information. The expression is often credited to Stewart Brand, who was recorded saying it at a hackers conference in 1984.

You can read the rest here.

If you’d like to read more about this, and read more about both sides of the discussion, you can do a simple search. As of right now, the information and content is free in most places. 

Gay Adult Film Star Attacked by Bigots in West Hollywood

This is a little extra shocking because of where it happened. Isn’t WeHo supposed to be a safe space for gay people?

Wesley Woods posted a video to Twitter describing what he says was a homophobic attack in arguably the world’s most prominent LGBTQ-friendly neighborhood.


“My best friend and I were brutally attacked by three straight white hetero men in West Hollywood, California.

Here’s more. There are comments, and a video, too. 

Gay Club Denies Entry To Man In High Heels

I thought this kind of thing ended a while ago. Apparently not.

A gay club has refused entry to a man wearing high heels as they allegedly ‘don’t accept femininity’.

Here’s the entire story.  If you watch the TV show, Pose, about drag culture in the 80s, you’ll see gay bars refuse entry to trans women. I just didn’t think that was still happening. 

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