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Rimming Sparks Infection; Hugh C. Howey and Influencers; Ellen’s New Comedy

Rimming Sparks Infection

The title of this part of the post is meant to be serious. According to this article there’s been an outbreak of Shigella in the UK and they seem to be linking it back to rimming…oral/anal sex. Among the symptoms, this infection makes people feel as if they are dying. I have only one comment below.

Normally, Shigella is only contracted when travelling to foreign countries. But in gay and bisexual men, it is being spread through oral contact with feces or via unwashed hands.

In 2009, there were only 43 cases among men in the UK that did not have a link to travel. Just four years later, reports have surged to 224 cases with more cases expected.

You can read more here.

I guess they have studies, or something concrete that links back to this data because anal/oral sex is NOT exclusive to the gay community as far as I know. So I’m guessing hetero couples can’t get it? Or are somehow immune to getting it?


Hugh C. Howey and Influencers

I posted about a blog a while back called ZonAlert that was specifically designed to discuss authors, fake reviews, and other questionable things that allegedly happen these days with book promotion. I’m not going to comment on this one way or the other. I’m only posting the information for those who might be interested, and I’m linking back to the source.

The most recent post about Hugh C. Howey even mentions influencers.

The Hugh Howey influencer scam works like this. Hugh Howey provides incentives for friends, family, and associates to promote Hugh Howey. Cash mostly but also mentions in his blog, write ins for discussion groups, promises to recommend to his publisher and agent, and on and on. The job of the influencers is not to talk about Hugh Howey but to get other people talking about and mentioning Hugh Howey.

For those who don’t know what influencers are, you can read more here.

You can read about Hugh C. Howey here.

Ellen’s New Comedy

Ellen DeGeneres is producing a new sitcom and it will be interesting to see if it takes off. Most of TV has abandoned the sitcom, and I’ve always thought that was a shame because it’s not the sitcom that’s the problem it’s the people producing the sitcoms.

The comedy is about a lesbian and her straight male best friend who decide to have a baby together. But things get a bit complicated when during this process, one of them meets the love of their life.

I’m not too sure about that description. But then again, any trope works as long as it’s done well.

I think that if anyone can bring back the sitcom it’s going to be Ellen. It’s always been a TV staple, and an excellent genre if done well. Think Mary Tyler Moore Show, All in the Family, or even The Raymond Show. I find myself watching old reruns of these shows now over new shows on TV and I often wonder what’s wrong with that.

You can read more here.