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Philadelphia: Baby Found Inside Cardboard Box

One of the smaller elements in the Virgin Billionaire series is a fictional organization that’s very close to Luis Fortune’s heart. It’s called The Angel Association, and it focuses on helping young women who give birth and abandon their newborn babies in dumpsters, on doorsteps, and, in this case, in a cardboard box on a curb. An infant was left on a North Philadelphia street in a cardboard box, and man out sweeping the street accidentally found the baby. I don’t even want to think about what could have happened.

We hear about these things every so often. In the Philadelphia area, I haven’t heard about it for a while. But every time I do I can’t help wondering about how fortunate it was that someone came along, at just the right time, and found that abandoned baby before something terrible happened. Because we also hear about abandoned babies that are found dead. For whatever reason, that thing we call fate didn’t intervene and no one came along at just the right time.

There are a few real life organizations out there that focus on infant abandonment, and although I’m usually very private about which charities/organizations I support, I don’t have any problem mentioning groups and organizations that provide safety for newborns. When I wrote about The Angel Association in the Virgin Billionaire series, I didn’t just pull the concept out of a hat. I truly believe this is important, and it’s not something we hear about often in the mainstream media.

Below are a few links to organizations that focus on infant abandonment. Check them out; read what they have to say. And spreading the word would be nice, too.

If you are a woman about to have a baby and you happen to be reading this blog post, you have alternatives. You don’t have to abandon your infant. These organizations are discreet; they are here to support you, not punish you. And if you don’t trust organizations like this, contact me personally through this blog or my e-mail address. I’ll make sure you get personal support, as discreetly as possible.

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