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Something VERY Different with New Indie Book, "Chase of a Dream"

I’ll be doing something very different with the sequel to “Chase of a Lifetime,” that I’ve titled, “Chase of a Dream.” First, CoaD is a 58,000 word full length novel, and it’s a stand alone…you don’t have to read the first book to know what’s happening in the second book. In a series, I personally prefer each book to stand alone when I’m reading.

And this is still a very humble venture for me. I’m still learning a great deal about self-publishing and I’m still taking small steps forward. For one thing, I’ve begun to release “Chase of a Lifetime” on other web sites where e-books are sold and I’ll continue to do this until I think it’s in all the places it should be. As a side note to this post, I do like one policy in particular…I think it’s iTunes…where they won’t post a review until they have enough balanced reviews. I think that means if you get one great review…or one horrible review…they won’t post it alone. But I’m not sure about how that works. In any event, it sounds like a fair system. I like balanced reviews when I’m shopping for books.

What I’m doing that is so different with “Chase of a Dream” is something I’ve never done before. I don’t know if it has been done before either. I do know that I once suggested doing this with a publisher and they refused to go for it. It may be a great idea; it may be a ridiculous idea. I’m hoping readers will let me know after I do it.

Though I’m still not ready to actually state what it is I’m doing that’s so different, I can drop a few hints. It’s something that’s often discussed with erotic romance. It can be controversial; it can cause comment threads to explode with varying opinions. It will give my readers (and professional book reviewers) something to think about with regard to erotic romance. And it will give other authors a chance to mimic me if they so choose to do this themselves. I actually would like to see more of this catch on and I’m hoping other authors might do the same thing…if for no other reason than helping to enforce the validity of erotic romance and erotica as a viable genre.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll still be glad I did it because it’s really one of those things that I’ve always wanted to do…on a very personal level and as a career writer who has been around since white out and typewriter ribbons. There are some who say this can’t be done. There are some who are so superior to erotic romance they would laugh at the thought of what I’m about to do. We’ll see how it works out. I honestly have no idea at this point.

But I am having fun doing it. It’s one of those things that I can really sink my teeth into, so to speak.

Here’s the raw blurb for “Chase of a Dream.” The photo above is one of about ten images I studied to create the ranch in the book.

In this 58,000 word sequel to “Chase of a Lifetime,” Jim Darling finally finds the happiness he’s been chasing for so long. He and Len Mayfield have settled into a quiet routine in their small newly renovated home in the Hollywood Hills, and they enjoy every minute they spend raising Len’s toddler grandson, Culum Mayfied.

And then one evening Len’s son grown son, Cain Mayfield, from his former marriage shows up in Los Angeles and asks if he can live with them while he’s trying to figure out his life. Though Len isn’t too thrilled about his grown son moving in, Jim can’t refuse him. Cain was Jim’s best friend in Texas at one time, and he’s also Culum’s irresponsible dad.

While Jim and Len try to adjust to this huge change, Cain decides he wants to open a legal medical marijuana dispensary in California. So in order to get experience, he takes a job at an established marijuana dispensary and winds up having an affair with the sexy transgender owner.

When Len announces that he misses his ranch in Texas and he wants to buy a ranch within commuting distance to Los Angeles, Jim is apprehensive at first. But he eventually agrees they need more living space, and he sees how desperately Len needs to be with his horses again.

But will the events leading up to all the changes they face be too intense to keep their loving marriage as strong as ever? And will sexy young Cain Mayfield drive a wedge between them with his inconsistent choices, his careless attitude, and his desperate need for attention?