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Random House Does Christmas Promo…

I’m posting about this because I think it’s interesting for a couple of reasons. I’ll get into them in a second. But first I do think it’s nice that Random House is doing something for people who are still reading print books. I know a few people who refuse to embrace digital reading and any time a publisher offers an incentive of any kind I’m thrilled for readers.

I read about this in GALLEYCAT, a blog I frequent often.

“This may be the year of the eBook tablet, but Random House doesn’t want shoppers to forget about physical books in physical stores. To prove its loyalty to booksellers, the publisher is running a special promotion this holiday season to make sure that is books are in bookstores quickly.”

I think this is a wonderful idea. But I also find it interesting, considering I just wrote this post about my new tablet earlier this week. Frankly, all I’m seeing are ads for tablets everywhere I look. I even see them being sold in generic drugstores these days. So I’m not quite sure why Random house isn’t offering some kind of huge discount on digital books, too. Maybe they are and I missed it? All I know is the e-books I’ve seen being offered by large publishers range 9.99 and up in price, and I refuse to pay those prices.Like I said, it’s interesting. And I consider myself an objective observer on subjects like this. It’s hard to think otherwise when you’re a writer and your main concern is that people who like to read get the books at the prices they want…digital or print. I love Random House as much as I love the smallest press that publishes only digital books.

““2-Day Transit,” lets indie booksellers order books for their stores with two-day shipping throughout the holiday season. It will work for any Random House title, be it frontlist or backlist.”

I also find this post interesting because I’ve read a lot about whether or not the word “Indie” works for those getting into self-publishing. I know many authors who have self-published books and they refer to themselves as “Indie” authors. But in this post, “Indie” is clearly being used as a name/reference for small “independent” book sellers…which is the way the word has always been used in publishing for as long as I can remember. But that’s changed. And again, I find this interesting and I’m not commenting on it one way or another. The one thing I will comment on is that I find the division between print publishers like Random House and all the new authors (and readers) embracing digital books and self-publishing extremely evident in a passive aggressive way…on both sides.

“The publisher explained how it will work in a press release: Orders received in our system by 3:00 p.m. EST will leave the warehouse no later than the next business day, and ship door-to-door in two days or less from the company’s Westminster and Crawfordsville distribution centers to independent booksellers throughout the country.” The effort runs from now through January 12th.”

I wish Random House well with this promotion. I hope readers who prefer print books and those “Indie” bookshops that need business have an excellent holiday season. Of course no one felt bad when video stores started going out of business. We all just accepted the end of video stores as a fact of life and there was very little emotion shown. It was considered inevitable; it was technology. But it’s different with “Indie” bookshops for some reason.

All I know is I’m thrilled with my two Kobo e-readers and my new Nextbook tablet. In the past two years, since I started reading digital books, I haven’t picked up a print book once. My shopping habits have changed, too. I buy more books; I spend more money. And I’ll be looking forward to the Black Friday weekend promotion happening over at, which I’ll post about very soon.