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Hillary Clinton On Income Inequality

Hillary Clinton On Income Inequality

Readers here know I rarely post anything political, and even now this falls more into the categories of  ridiculous and ironic. But I just couldn’t help posting something.

Hillary Clinton is on some kind of speech tour and she recently told business leaders in Silicon Valley they need to think more about income inequality. Because, you know, they are making too much money.

She continued: “You’re not talking about just people who are at the bottom of the income scale. And that leads to the bigger issue. Inequality of the kind that we are now experiencing is bad for individuals, bad for our economy, bad for our democracy.”

At the end of the article it states Hillary Clinton makes about $200,000 per speech. She’s scheduled this week alone to make four speeches, one via satellite. Now that’s what I call true income equality.

You can read more here. 

There’s nothing wrong with Clinton making money, but when you are making that kind of money and you start talking about income inequality you are either stupid, arrogant, or you think the rest of us are too stupid to see through you.