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LGBT Poet, Richard Blanco; Presidential Inauguration

While doing a search for who is actually part of the Presidential Inauguration Committee, I found this article about Richard Blanco, LGBT Poet, by accident.

Today, Richard Blanco was announced as the 2013 Inaugural poet. He will recite a poem at President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony on Monday, January 21.

Not only is Blanco the youngest person chosen to to be the Inaugural poet, but he is also the first Hispanic or LGBT person to receive this honor. He is the fifth poet ever to read an official inauguration poem.

“I’m beside myself, bestowed with this great honor, brimming over with excitement, awe, and gratitude,” Blanco said today in the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s press release. “In many ways, this is the very ‘stuff’ of the American Dream, which underlies so much of my work and my life’s story—America’s story, really. I am thrilled by the thought of coming together during this great occasion to celebrate our country and its people through the power of poetry.”

After reading about Louis Giglio being asked to the inauguration, and then posting about it here, this article about Blanco made me feel a little better.

But not totally. I do believe all Americans should be represented at the inauguration, from conservative to ultra liberal. But that doesn’t mean those who stand in the way of equality should be welcomed with open arms. And from the statements Louis Giglio has made in the past about the LGBT community, he’s one of the bigger obstacles we are facing as we fight for equality. I’m glad he backed out.

As for the search on who is part of the Inauguration Committee, I came up with this link, and this one. What I basically found was it’s not a simple search. If anyone has anything better, please share in the comments.