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You Heard it Here First: There’s a New Publishing Blog Coming Out Soon

(Update to post: Well, you heard it here second. As is usually the case, word about something new moves fast. And I just read this piece posted yesterday in Media Bistro: Jeff Rivera Discusses His New e-Book Community Site: The Gatekeepers Post But this doesn’t make it any less exciting. Check out the link and read all about what’s going to happen. The details are still vague, but the press release will be going out on the 31st and I’ll link to it then.)

I can’t say much right now, but I can say this: there’s a new publishing blog coming out very soon that’s being touted as The Huffington Post of the publishing industry. From good sources, I hear the blog is in the “buzzing” stages, so I can at least post this much. But that’s all I can say now.

I will post as soon as the press release goes public, and very soon. I will also link to articles and pieces that are written in the blog.

From what I hear this new blog has some very impressive contributors, all seasoned industry professionals. And I’ve also heard it’s going to be heavily focused on e-books and how e-books and e-readers are changing the industry.

I know I’m looking forward to my new Kobo e-reader, which was just shipped today. I’ll post more about that, too, for anyone interested in e-readers.