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Impatiens and Rosemary

Enough with the book pirate posts, especially for the weekend. There’s very little writers and publishers can do about them, other than to continue filing abuse forms. And that’s a cold hard fact. There’s a different mindset in our global society these days, and you simply can’t turn this around and go backward no matter how hard you try. Book pirates aren’t going away. I took down the post I wrote earlier, where a notorious book pirate left a comment on an earlier post. And I’m not sure when I’ll post about this again…if ever.

So here’s a photo of a combination I did this summer. It’s impatiens and rosemary. I’ve never combined the two before. And I only did it this time to keep the squirrels out of the flower pots. But I was happy with the results and this one’s going into the notebook I’ve been keeping for the past ten years on gardening.