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Shirley Maclaine’s New Book: I’m Over All That

I’m almost finished reading Shirley Maclaine’s new book, I’M OVER ALL THAT, and wanted to post something for other people who might be interested.

First…and it’s interesting because Shirley discusses how pitiful the media can be these days…you’re not going to receive an accurate concept of this book just by watching talk shows like The View. Frankly, I’d be willing to bet none of the women on The View bothered to read her book. I saw the interview the women on The View did with Shirley and I found it more than insulting…for Shirley and for potential readers. (Especially Joy Behar’s stupid questions.) But that’s for a different post. Shirley did a fine job discussing good journalists and bad, quasi journalists in the book.

I’ve also checked out the amazon reviews for this book and most are very good, so I’m not alone in writing this blog post.

So far, I’ve read snippets of her life as it is now. And because I’ve read all of her other books, from the first to this one, I often feel as if I’ve been following her life for years.

I don’t agree with her concept of reincarnation. I’ve had too many of my own experiences with different frequencies to believe in reincarnation. But I also believe that one person’s reality is never the same as another person’s reality, and if Shirley believes in reincarnation it may very well exist…for her. And I don’t agree with Shirley’s opinion about e-mail. She doesn’t do e-mail and believes it’s better to speak in person. I disagree because I find that in many cases e-mail is even more personal than speaking to someone on the phone to talking face to face because our defenses are down and we feel more comfortable. I wish she’d give e-mail a try…I usually find that people who don’t like e-mail just aren’t getting what e-mail is all about. And the benefits outweight the negatives all the time.

She discusses her feelings about aging, about her relationship with her dog (I have an eleven year old dog I take everywhere with me, so I could seriously relate to these chapters), and how she deals with family. She also discusses her feelings about sex and relationships. Like I said, I’ve read all of her other books, so I’m familiar with her life. And it’s interesting to read this book, because it’s almost as if she’s summing up many things she’s already shared with her readers.

As a writer, Shirley Maclaine is probably one of the most professional authors I’ve read as far as celebrities go. She writes very well, and never makes any of the mistakes I often notice that so many people/celebs make while writing non-fiction. I always find myself wondering whether or not she was trained or if it just comes naturally. This would have been a great question for good old Joy Behar to ask, that is if Joy Behar knew how to conduct a decent interview.

I paid 9.99 for the e-book version of Shirley’s book. I think it’s outrageous that publishers will charge this much for an e-book, but this is no reflection on Shirley Maclaine or the book. Shirley, I’m sure, just like me, has no control over how her publisher prices a book…and probably doesn’t want that kind of control either.

I’ll post a full review, with excerpts. But for now, if you’re looking for something interesting to read that flows well and covers a variety of topics, you can’t go wrong with I’M OVER ALL THAT.