Category: Illinois Bans The Gay Panic Defense; Trans People Can Join US Military; #WokeCharlotte On “Sex In the City” Atrocities

Illinois Bans The Gay Panic Defense; Trans People Can Join US Military; #WokeCharlotte On "Sex In the City" Atrocities

Illinois Bans the Gay Panic Defense

I didn’t even know about this, so it’s news to me. This Gay Panic Defense has actually been considered a mental disorder, and sometimes referred to as Homosexual Panic.

Starting tomorrow, 1 January, the state of Illinois will begin to bar the ‘gay panic’ criminal defense. It will be the second state, after California, to do so.
The ‘gay panic’ defense allows the use of the victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity as a justification for violent crimes against LGBTI people.
The defendant alleges to find the same-sex sexual advances so offensive and frightening that it brings on a psychotic state characterized by unusual violence.
I had no idea.
Trans People Can Join US Miltary
Here’s something encouraging for Trans people. 
Starting tomorrow, 1 January, transgender people can begin to enlist in the military. In fact, the Pentagon has already released a detailed policy for recruiting transgender troops. However, the future of trans people in the military remains unclear.
The reason it’s unclear is that they are doing studies right now that should be released soon. It gets into some legal things and I don’t want to screw them up, so you can check this out here.  I’ll post more when I see it. 
#WokeCharlotte On “Sex In the City” Atrocities
I’m so glad to see this happening. #WokeCharlotte is a hashtag on Twitter where someone is calling out issues with the old time extremely heteronormative 90s TV show Sex and the City
I wasn’t a fan of Sex In the City back in the day for these very same reasons. I also think it’s the only TV show in history that used more gay stereotypes than Will and Grace. They treated gay men like pet poodles. I knew that at the time, and I didn’t watch it for that reason. Another reason is that it glamorized publishing as an industry so far beyond reality it was actually laughable…now and then.  
Luckily, one SATC superfan has created an Instagram and is calling out the ladies on their backwards shit. Introducing #WokeCharlotte. She’s been serving up intellectual responses to her friends’ ignorant remarks for a while now, and we have a feeling she’s only just getting started…
Here’s more. Stay away from the comments with this one. They’re toxic waste. 
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