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Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out; Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity; Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

Idol’s Alum Rayvon Owen Comes Out

I think it’s interesting how things can change so much in 15 years. When American Idol first started I don’t remember these dramatic announcements. At least not quite like this…mainly because it’s not such a big thing anymore. It’s more like, “congratulations, dude.”

“I’ve never been good pretending,” croons recording artist and former American Idol contestant Rayvon Owen in the opening line of his new song, “Can’t Fight It.”

By the end of the accompanying video, released over the weekend on Valentine’s Day (d’aww), those words come into clearer focus as the object of Crone’s impassioned affection finally makes an appearance for a brief kiss before the scene cuts to black.

If you haven’t quite caught up, it’s a man. Mic drop.

Here’s the rest, with kidding photos.

Looks like Steve Grand is getting a little competition now, and I predict more will follow.  

Candy Ken Full Frontal Nudity

There’s an attractive German rapper called Candy Ken who recently did a photo series with full frontal nudity.

While our familiarity with Berlin-based rapper Candy Ken’s music scores at a zero point zero, the same cannot be said of our recently acquired knowledge of the edgy Hello Kitty-obsessesed performer’s anatomy.

Here’s a link to some SFW photos, and here’s the link to the NSFW copies.

I wonder if the male full frontal nudity trend will continue here in the US. Maybe Steve Grand might be next?

Abe Lincoln’s Alleged Gay Lovers

I’ve been reading speculations about Lincoln’s sexuality like this for years and so far I’ve never actually seen proof that Abraham Lincoln had any “gay” relationships, or even an attraction for the same sex. Or, that he was even bisexual. And that makes sense because anything related to same sex attraction during the 19th Century would have been more than just discreet. It would have been covered up completely.

With that said, here’s another piece about the possibility that Lincoln could have had same sex relationships.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) may likely be the most studied and researched of the United States presidents. The first reference to him possibly being “homosexual” came from notable Lincoln expert Carl Sandburg in his 1926 biography, Abraham Lincoln: The War Years. In describing the early relationship between Lincoln and his close friend, Joshua Fry Speed, Sandburg wrote “a streak of lavender, and spots soft as May violets.” This line got historians talking about an issue from which many had previously shied away.

The sad truth is we may never know for certain. As someone in the comments stated, “history was not kind to us.”

For those who say they don’t care, I think that’s disingenuous. If Lincoln did have same sex relationships I want to know about it, and I want it with no shame attached. I’m really getting sick of these people…and often they are gay men…who think there’s something wrong with someone like Lincoln allegedly being attracted to men. I want to know.  

You can check this out here.

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