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The Perfect Example of Subjective…And an Idiot

In the post before this, I talked about how writing is so subjective. And this afternoon while I was lurking around the Interwebs I saw something classic.

I went to a blog I don’t usually frequent, for reasons you’ll understand by the time this post is finished. The author was ranting about other poorly written author blogs…in a general sense…and how the authors who maintain these blogs confuse people with too much information and clutter. I’m not joking either. This was a full fledged rant and my jaw was on the keyboard.

This is something I would never do, and most bloggers I know wouldn’t do it either. I got to know a lot of bloggers when I worked for and I grew to respect them all. Blogs are personal online publications that, in a sense, reflect our individual personalities. And they are free!! When I go to a blog, it’s almost like being invited into someone’s home; I’m a guest. This is how personal the experience is…for me. And no one with any amount of decency would criticize someone’s home.

I won’t go into detail about the rant. But what I found interesting while reading the author’s extremely negative post is that while this author/blogger was criticizing and ranting about everyone else’s blog, HER blog is published in beige on beige. The photo above is a good example. The background is beige, the print is beige, the post titles are beige, and I have a feeling this author’s life in general is pretty beige. The words blend into the background and all that beige is so difficult to read you can’t look at it for too long without blinking.

I’m really not dissing the author’s blog. I’m dissing the rant and calling attention to the irony. While this author is ranting about other blogs being too confusing and filled with clutter, HER blog is so beige it’s virtually impossible to read.

I’m also pointing out an example of subjectivity. I’m sure there are some people who love beige on beige blogs and they have no trouble reading them. I’m also sure there are just as many people who love loaded blogs, filled with all kinds of information that isn’t necessarly in detailed order (I do), and they become loyal followers. Blogging is a means of expression, not just a way to promote something. And I’ve always found the most successful bloggers are the people who know this and follow their hearts.

Watch Those Publishing Advice Blogs!!

This is a short post.

It was conceived after I just read some of the worst advice I’ve ever read on a publishing blog.

I try not to ever give out advice about queries or anything that’s considered “subjective.” It’s impossible to give out advice on subjective matters unless you’re mind reader.

But there’s this one blogger dude who runs this weird kind of author/publishing blog who is always handing out advice and people seem to be taking it. Oh, he’s the cool guy. The one with all the answers. And yet if you ask anyone in publishing (real publishing) who he is, no one’s ever heard of him. But he mixes the Kool Aide and they stand in line to drink it.

Please, please beware of these blogs, folks. They are designed to promote the blogger and gain an audience for him. They aren’t designed to help authors and people don’t realize this right away.

Take whatever you read on the Internet with a grain of salt, including this blog. I don’t know it all, and neither does anyone else.