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Ian McKellen Speaks At National Student Pride; Iraq Bulldozes Building Where IS Killed Gays; Gay Purge In Chechnya Gets Worse

Ian McKellen Speaks At National Student Pride

I have nothing but respect for Ian McKellen. I remember when the TV series, Vicious, first aired, starring McKellen and Derek Jacobi, and how wonderful it was to actually see two older gay men who’ve been together for many years portrayed as they should be…authentically. I also remember how some straight male critics slammed the show for a variety of reasons, because they know nothing about what it’s like to be an older gay couple. Most reviews for Vicious were excellent, though. And gay couples know, and they loved that show, and I gained a new respect for everyone associated with that show. And I think that’s because it was so honest. In my own personal life, I knew and loved those two characters many times.

With that said, what an honor to have Ian McKellen speak at National Student Pride on February 23. According to this article, he will be discussing the power of knowing queer history.

You can read the rest here. National Student Pride this year will also mark the 50 year anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Iraq Bulldozes Building Where IS Killed Gays

If you recall, there were more than a few articles and images of gay men being thrown from the top of a building in Iraq, to their deaths, simply because they were gay. The article goes into a lot more detail about how this was done and how brutally and savagely these gay people were executed. The building where this was done was recently bulldozed, and there are no plans to build a memorial honoring the LGBTQ victims who died there. 

It also goes into a history of the building itself, as one of the modern icons of the city. Some believe it shouldn’t have been taken down, and it should have been used as a “witness to the ugliness.”

You can read it all, here. Someone should erect a memorial somewhere. 

Gay Purge In Chechnya Gets Worse 

Unfortunately, what’s been happening to gay people in Chechnya is now getting worse.

According to LGBTQ activists in Russia, a gay purge in Chechnya has claimed the lives of two and many more have been detained.

Here’s a direct quote:

“Persecution of men and women suspected of being gay never stopped. It’s only that its scale has been changing.”

Here’s more. This is only getting worse, and why no one else in the world is doing anything about it amazes me. We seem to be more worried about what Logan Paul is doing than what’s happening to these people in Chechnya. 

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