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Gerontophilia: Gay Sex With an 80 Year Old; Gay Disney Princes; Ian McKellen Needed a Diagram to Make Out with a Straight Woman

Gerontophilia: Gay Sex With an 80 Year Old

The other night I found a gay film on Netflix by, Bruce LaBruce, titled Gerontophilia. In short, the storyline revolves around a very young, attractive twenty-something who has a fetish for older men…men well up to 80 years old and even beyond that. The young guy gets a job in a nursing home, falls deeply in love with one of the older residents, and they wind up playing strip poker by the middle of the film. I won’t go any further because that would spoil things. However, there is sex between them and it’s not covered up, so to speak. 

It’s also not too explicit. So if you get too freaked out with sex scenes I don’t think this will bother you. In fact, the movie has been dubbed…loosely…a gay Harold and Maude. The only thing this film lacks in comparison to Harold and Maude is the sophistication. The characters in Gerontophila are simple, average people with nothing to make them spectacular in any way. In fact, they drive such old beat up cars I had to pay extra attention to be sure the film wasn’t set in the 1980’s.

However, I loved it. It moved at a good pace, the characters were likeable, and I even waited until the end to give it five stars because it only had one star when I was searching for films earlier that night. Not only does this prove there’s a huge subjective gap when it comes to reviews, it shows that there are a lot of people out there that don’t know much about film making. Because even if you didn’t like the content of this film, the film itself and the way it was produced is at least worthy of three stars. And unfortunately, there aren’t many gay films I can say that about.

I think what I liked most is that is breaks ALL of the stereotypes. All of them. 

You can read more about it here on Wiki. I think they give the best overall descriptions. You can also read more about Bruce LaBruce there.

Frankly, if I ever wind up in a home in my old age I hope there’s a young guy like this one willing to play strip poker with me.

Gay Disney Princes

Here’s a good example of parody. This time it’s parody of all kinds of things, from Disney Princes to Zombies.

Alan Hubbard is a portrait photographer working out of New Jersey who specializes in “princess and me” photo sessions. We won’t comment on the types of people we suspect patronize these services, suffice it to say everyone has their thing.

One of her more whimsical series is called “An Unexpected Royal Twist,” which, as you likely assumed, takes the classics and turns them on their heads. Things like zombie princesses or cheating spouses. As long as there’s no princess bat mitzvahs, we imagine Walt isn’t rolling over in his grave yet.

You can check out the photos here. They’re really very harmless…unless, of course, you either have something against parody, don’t know what it is, or you have no sense of humor.

Ian McKellen Needed a Diagram to Make Out with a Straight Woman

When Ian McKellen was younger it seems he needed help when it came to sex scenes with straight women.

I would need Xanax and vodka.

However, the first job I took as an actor after having come out was to play as resolute a heterosexual as I could find. 

All right, I played this part on film. And my first job was to appear to be having sex with Joanne Whalley-Kilmer in the marital bed. Well, this would’ve been a joyful scene for any straight actor to play. She’s extremely beautiful and a lovely person, and I didn’t know what to do with her. So I went to a friend, Edward Petherbridge, the actor, who knows about these things. And I said, Edward, I’ve got to do this love scene. Can you explain to me — can you draw me a little diagram? So he did. He gave me some stick figures…Showed me what was possible. So I’m now an expert on the missionary position, and everything went well.”

It doesn’t get much better than that. However, I get that because whenever I write straight sex scenes in books I often wonder if this or that would really happen. I have some very excellent women friends on Twitter to thank for that. They keep me well-informed on heteronormative sex, the gender politics in straight relationships, and all the complications that go along with it. 

You can read the rest. That was only a truncated excerpt.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

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