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M/M Fiction: Dirk Vanden

If you’re looking for m/m fiction that’s slightly different from what you’ve been reading, check out the work of Dirk Vanden.

Here’s his page on the publisher web site.

I would assume Dirk’s books, like mine from LYD, can be purchased on Amazon and other web sites where e-books are sold.

Here’s the tag line from one of his works, I WANT IT ALL.

One dark summer night in 1969, in a tiny Colorado cow-country town, in the back alley behind Red’s Bar and Billiards, Warren Miller attempts to save a “Queer’s” life, and in the process discovers his own homosexuality.

I have many older gay friends and I enjoy reading fiction set during this period. It was a different world in some ways, and in others it hasn’t changed all that much no matter what “they” want you to think. There’s no way to explain this…you just have to know it. You can’t read about it in the press or watch it on TV. It’s something innate.